Ever Heard Of Lanzones? This Tropical Fruit Has At Least 5 Great Benefits For Our Health

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Typically, the most exotic fruits are the most beneficial for your health and the most upsetting for your wallet. Lanzones, also known as langsat, is a tropical fruit that is rarely seen in the U.S. but is certainly worth searching for. It can be bought in special fruit stores, and though the fruit is quite rare, its price is not particularly sky-high.

Ever Heard of Lanzones?

The scientific name of the fruit is Lansium domesticum. It is most common in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Southern India. The fruit looks pretty similar to a small potato on the outside. It is because of the thin yellow skin.

However, 5-6 white, semi-transparent sections hide right beneath the peel, inside of which you can occasionally find inedible, bitter seeds. People claim that the fruit tastes almost like grapes, whereas others compare it to grapefruit.

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What Are The Health Benefits of Lanzones?

If you waste your time and money to get these fruits, you’d want to be sure these fruits are truly worth your resources. We have no doubts they are: Not only are they extremely delicious, but also greatly beneficial for your health!

1. Lots of fiber

The tropical fruit is very rich in fiber. Simply 100 g (or 3 ½ oz) will cover nearly 10% of your recommended daily intake. Fiber benefits not only your digestion, but also your cardiovascular system!

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2. Lots of antioxidants

The natural antioxidants that are present in lanzones are called polyphenols. These substances can improve your heart health, prevent diabetes and various types of cancer, as well as slow down aging processes.

3. Rich in niacin

Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, helps your body get rid of bad cholesterol that accumulates in your arteries, which means that the fruit decreases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

4. Rich in riboflavin

Fancy word “riboflavin” is basically vitamin B2, which is responsible for helping your body process carbohydrates into usable energy. 100 g (or 3 ½ oz) of lanzones contain around 10% of your RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) for vitamin B2. The fruit can also help people with migraines, as vitamin B2 improves the nervous system and can stop a headache.

5. Rich in vitamin A

Lanzones are great for protecting your eyesight and skin, as they contain lots of vitamin A. The consumption of the fruits can also strengthen your hair, as well as protect your nerves and brain.

Overall, lanzones are worth trying out at least once. They are tasty and beneficial for your health. What could be better?


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