Make Your Own Natural Asthma Remedy Using Turmeric

Asthma has afflicted many citizens in the world. If you are a victim of this relentless disease, you will encounter shortness of breath, as if you are being forced to breathe through a thin straw, you are likely to experience motion sickness, and you are susceptible to fainting. All of these come about due to the narrowing of the air passages or constriction of the lungs. Asthma patients have ultra-sensitive lungs that react to foreign chemicals that enter their bodies. You don’t have to rely on over-the-counter products while there is a homemade solution that is easy to make. Your asthma remedy guide is already here, using turmeric.

Learn how to make your very own remedy in this comprehensive guide.

Things you will need:

  1. Turmeric
  2. A glass of hot water
  3. Milkweed
  4. Bitter oil
  5. Strainer


For less severe asthma, simply mix 1/2 teaspoon turmeric in a glass of hot water.

Turmeric Treatment For Severe Asthma Coughing

Severe asthma is characterized by severe coughs and wheezes which may occur at any time of the day in a more frequent manner. Good thing our friendly home remedy can also be used with a more potent dosage.

  1. Take three grams of turmeric powder and infuse it with powder of seven grains of pepper (black).
  2. Get some mustard oil and alternately mix it. It should eventually look like a paste and should be consumed first thing in the morning.
  3. You must store in a cool dry place.

Turmeric Spirit

  1. Crush 110 grams of milkweed with 55 grams of turmeric. Grab some bitter oil and add an exact amount of one 110 grams of it.
  2. Mix and cook the solution, and keep an eye on it until no sight of water is visible and only the oil lingers on the mixture.
  3. Cool it down, and afterward, grab a strainer and separate the oil, putting it in a clean container. This solution is applicable as a form of relaxing oil massage to the entire body.

Extra Tip

It acts best when taken on an empty stomach. The above solutions usually kicks in relief for about 10 minutes.

Doctor Recommended Dosages

  1. Dosages are approximate to a day of usage
  2. Cut root = 1.5-3 g
  3. dried and powdered root = 1-3 g
  4. curcumin powder = 400-600 mg up to three times
  5. fluid extract = 30-90 drops
  6. tincture = 15-30 drops up to four times

Extra Precautions

  1. Consult your physician regarding taking such solutions.
  2. One should opt to not eat too much spicy and fried food. Eat light meals, cut back on meat, and eat your heart out with vegetables, wheat, rice, etc.

Storing Turmeric For Later Use

  1. Selection and storage of turmeric should be taken with utmost consideration following are extra measures you can apply:
  2. Opt for quality stores that offer authentic herbal plants. Consider making your own powder by drying the cut roots of turmeric plants and boiling it in a pot of water. Then let it dry and crush or grind it. Remember to always store in a cool dry place.

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