Help The Body Prevent Cancer, Boost Immunity And More By Eating Pears

Pears are sweet and juicy fruit that is great for the overall health of the body. They are loaded with fiber, vital nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants that help in fighting against many health problems.
Check out below some of the best pear benefits.

Helps Boost Immunity

Pears are a rich source of vitamin C that works as a great antioxidant and boosts our immunity. Antioxidants stimulate the production of white blood cells, which are critical to the immune system. This makes our immune system stronger, allowing our body to ward off mild illnesses like cold, flu, and upset stomach.

Good For The Skin And Health

Pear contains significant amounts of vitamin A which is beneficial in keeping the hair, skin, and nails healthy. It also has zeaxanthin and lutein, nutrients that are needed in a number of organ functions, and enzymatic reactions. Consumption of pears has been linked to youthful skin as it helps reduce age spots and wrinkles.

Helps Reduce Inflammation

The fruit’s flavonoids and antioxidant components are the ones responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties. People suffering from gout and rheumatic conditions like arthritis may benefit from making pears a part of their daily diet. It would help ease symptoms associated with the said conditions and prevent them from worsening thus improving the quality of life. Nutrients like vitamin C and K which also help in fighting inflammation, are also found in abundance in pears.

Seriously Good For Digestion

Boasting 6 grams of fiber, pears contain more fiber than a 1-cup serving of kale. Aside from making us poop softer and bulkier, making it easier to go, eating fiber-rich foods provide a range of benefits to our body – from maintaining a healthy weight to reducing our risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It is considered as an integral part of one’s well-balanced diet.

May Help Prevent Cancer

Pear’s high fiber content binds to carcinogenic cells by removing them and preventing colon cancer. Regular consumption of pears can prevent breast cancer by up to 34% in women after menopause.
Moreover, its phytonutrients like flavonoids and cinnamic acids may also help reduce the risk of cancer. They work by flushing out free radicals from the body, allowing for new and healthy cell growth.

Good For The Heart

Eating more fiber-rich foods provides wonderful health benefits, according to Harvard Health. Researchers believed that the fruit’s fiber content plays a role in decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol thereby lowering our risk of developing heart disease. Being a rich source of fiber and potassium (which helps counteract excess sodium), pears can be a great snack to incorporate into a heart-healthy diet.