Effective Home Remedies For Wisdom Tooth Pain

The eruption of a wisdom tooth is associated with a dull ache at the back of the gums. This emergence usually happens in the late teens or early twenties. There are some home remedies that we can try to get relief from the pain naturally.

Salt Water

The sodium that is present in salt has pain-relieving effects. Additionally, it also has antibacterial properties that are great at treating wisdom tooth pain.

This remedy will require us to dissolve 1-2 teaspoons of table salt in a glass of warm water. Use twice daily in rinsing the mouth for a few minutes.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can be used to soothe and reduce inflammation around the painful area. It works by healing the gums if they become scratched or cut while the teeth grow in. Just apply pure aloe vera gel to the back of the mouth, and it will cool the area down for temporary pain relief.


Clove is commonly used to enhance the flavor of many dishes. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anesthetic properties that have been found to be effective against inflammation and swelling that is accompanied by toothache It is one of the best remedies that we can try against wisdom tooth pain.
Simply take a clove and place it on the wisdom tooth. Bite on it so that it doesn’t move away from the tooth. Do this 4-5 times a day.


The allicin in garlic has potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that are effective for wisdom tooth pain.

Peel 1-2 garlic cloves and mince. Apply it on the aching wisdom tooth. Alternatively, we can also place a garlic clove directly on the affected tooth and bite on it.


This popular spice has analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities that are behind its tremendous potential toothache remedy.

To get relief from pain, simply rub crushed turmeric directly on inflamed gums, or rinse the mouth with water that’s been boiled with 5 grams of turmeric and two cloves.

Hot Or Cold Compress

The use of hot and cold compresses can alleviate pain and swelling. Just take a hot water bottle or ice pack and then place it on the side of the cheek where the wisdom tooth is coming in. Hold it for 10-15 minutes.