9 Foods To Eat To Reduce Spotty Skin

No one likes to experience acne and we understand how frustrating and painful it can be if you get frequent breakouts. If you’d like to improve the condition of your skin, take a look at our recommendations for foods that might help reduce acne below:


Carrots are a good source of vitamin A and antioxidants which are great for making damaged skin look healthier and more vibrant. Other vitamin A-rich foods include sweet potatoes, kale, and mangos.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

If you’re not currently a fan of broccoli and cauliflower, then you might need to become one as they’re so good for your skin. Both broccoli and cauliflower contain glucoraphanin which can help soothe sun-damaged skin and reduce the likelihood of age spots appearing.

Blueberries and Blackberries

Next time you have yogurt, try sprinkling some blueberries or blackberries on top. They’re full of antioxidants which can help clear your skin and stop spots forming in the first place.


Not only are strawberries delicious but they’re also a great source of vitamin C. They contain lots of antioxidants that are good at stopping your pores from becoming blocked and preventing spots from developing.


When you eat watermelon, nitric oxide is produced which can help old spots and pimples heal. The redder the flesh of the watermelon, the better it is for your skin which is something you might want to consider.

Brazil Nuts

Having just one brazil nut a day will give your skin a boost and may even help with any damage caused by acne. Brazil nuts contain selenium which is also found in onions and garlic.


Zinc-rich foods are great for helping to reduce spotty skin. If you don’t like oysters you could try to increase your zinc intake by eating mushrooms, beef, lamb, pork, or pumpkin seeds instead.

Oily Fish

Salmon, mackerel, and tuna are great sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids may help to regulate inflammation in the body. This may have beneficial effects against acne which is caused by inflammation of the hair follicles and oil glands.

Green Tea

Swapping your usual cuppa for a mug of green tea might help soothe your acne symptoms. With some studies suggesting that drinking green can reduce inflammation, boost your immune system and reduce the amount of pore-blocking oils (sebum) your skin produces[1], it may be worth giving it a go.

Now you’re ready to fill your fridge with breakout-busting foods to help you on your way to healthier skin from the inside out.

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