Morning Glory Flowers: How It Benefits Our Health

Morning glory is a twisting vine with a bloom of pink, blue, and purple shades. In addition to its classic beauty, the petals of its flowers are among the most praised home remedy among the many herbal flowery plants. It was found that the flower possesses amazing abilities that are credited to the excellent nutrients in it such as alkaloids, aspartic acid, arginine, volatile oil, phytosterol, resins, and tropine.

Here are some of the benefits we can enjoy from morning glory flowers.

Helps Relieve Cough

The flower can be helpful against cough. It has the ability to get rid of mucus and quickly improve the cough recovery process. Consume the morning glory flower extracts to help get rid of mucus.

However, in case of a persistent cough, we need to consult first with an herbal medicine doctor and inquire about the morning glory.

Helps Treat Symptoms Of Arthritis

When it comes to arthritis, the flowers can be taken orally or topically. We can have it in a form of tea to reduce the pain and then apply the crushed fresh flowers topically to boost the recovery process.

Helps Combat Stress

Morning glory flowers can be used therapeutically in fighting off stress. Its calming effects can make people calm and peaceful thus making it suitable for alleviating symptoms of stress. This advantage is great with the increased levels of stress that can lead to a range of health problems. The petals of the morning glory flower when dried can be consumed as tea.

Helps Treat Stomachache

In some parts of the world, like in China, people have been using morning glory flowers in relieving stomach problems, including bloating as well as those health problems caused by pinworms.

Have Antibacterial Properties

The morning glory flower is an excellent antibacterial agent. It is known to effectively fight Escherichia coli and Candida that can cause UTIs. To enjoy this benefit, we can simply have the flowers as a side dish or stir fry them and serve for the next meal.

Helps Combat Swelling

Consumption of morning glory flower tea is one of the best ways to treat edema due to excessive body fluids or reduce swelling. It works by optimizing the excretion of the bodily fluids thus quickly relieving edema.

Helps Treat Insect Bites

When topically applied, morning glory flowers can be beneficial in treating insect bites. Simply crush the flower and apply them topically to the affected area.