Jasmine Tea May Help Protect The Heart And Boost The Immune System

Jasmine flowers do not only attract butterflies but many tea drinkers too. The flower contains antioxidants, coumarins, cardiac glycosides, essential oils, flavonoids, phenolics, saponins, and steroids. When prepared as tea, this fragrant, romantic and irresistible blossom offers aromatic and calming effects as well as a range of health benefits.  It can also be combined with other teas, such as green, white, black, and oolong tea to give additional positive effects on the body.

Here are some of the well-known health benefits we can obtain from jasmine tea.

Protects Heart Health

A healthy heart contributes to a better quality of life. Jasmin tea consumption can help keep our hearts pumping optimally and limit the risk of dangerous cardiovascular diseases.

Jasmine tea contains high levels of antioxidants that work to ensure that our hearts are healthy. Catechins found in jasmine tea can lower LDL cholesterol oxidation that leads to inflammation of arteries and veins. High levels of LDL cholesterols have been linked to a variety of cardiovascular health problems including high blood pressure.

May Aid In Weight Loss

Jasmine tea may help speed up our metabolism. In a study, it was found that the fat-burning properties of jasmine tea are related to its content of caffeine and the polyphenol EGCG. These compounds may also enhance each other’s fat-burning effects.

May Prevent Type-2 Diabetes

Jasmine tea, when consumed regularly, helps in regulating insulin levels, thus making it beneficial in controlling or preventing diabetes. It may be helpful in people who suffer from blood sugar spikes or low blood sugar throughout the day.

Improves Immune System

Having high levels of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well as large amounts of vitamins and minerals, Jasmin tea may protect us against common colds and influenza. It can boost the immune system so that we will be able to fight severe illnesses and infections.

Simply sipping a cup of jasmine tea can help soothe our upset stomach, deliver needed fluids by our body to quickly recover from cold or flu, and gives aroma that relaxes and makes us feel better.

Promotes Good Oral Health

Jasmine tea contains catechins, a group of polyphenols that may help protect against tooth decay — or cavities — by killing plaque-forming bacteria like Streptococcus mutans. Regular consumption may help combat bad breath by reducing odor-causing bacteria.