Ginger: How To Use It Against Cough And Cold

Ginger is a spicy and inexpensive all-time favorite pick for cold care and other related ailments. It is the most common ingredient that is being used in treating cough and cold.

Ginger root is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that may help in relieving pain during sore throat while its antimicrobial and immune-boosting effects help keep infection at bay. This spicy, pungent herb also provides heat that the body needs.

Simple Ways Of Preparing Ginger To Treat Cough And Cold

Simple Ginger Tea

Simply cut a piece of fresh ginger – about an inch and a half long. We can either chop it or grate it. Add it in a cup of hot water and let sit for 5-10
minutes. Strain the ginger and drink the warm tea. A spoonful of honey may also be added to improve its taste and for additional benefits. It is recommended to drink three or more cups of ginger tea daily until improvements are obtained.

Raw Ginger Root

A small piece of ginger in the mouth will definitely give a calming effect.
Ginger should be kept in the mouth for some time and swallow its juice. Its
sourness in the throat will provide some relief and make us feel much better.
Though the taste of ginger may not really be good, doing this method can really be effective against cough and colds. To get the best results, it is advised to follow this at least 2-3 times a day.

Ginger And Lemongrass

Lemongrass is loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that can help us cope up with cough and cold. Having a drink with the combination of ginger and lemongrass would definitely work like magic. Boil the grated ginger and add either dried or fresh lemongrass to the boiling water. Turn the flame off and let this infuse for 3-4 minutes. Add some honey to taste and serve.

Ginger Powder Or Seasoning

Add about two teaspoons (9.8 ml) of ginger powder per meal. We can also take 2
teaspoons of powder (9.8 ml) without food up to three times per day. Mixing it with warm water makes it easier to swallow.