Are Onions Good For Losing Weight?

Losing weight is one of the major struggles for some of us. To reach our weight goals, exercise and workouts are really important. However, we also need to ensure that we consume only as many calories as we are able to burn. There are certain foods that can help us cut out fat and lose weight. One of the common foods we can rely on is the onion.

Onions are famously known in cooking. This easy to add spice into our meals is rich in fiber, nutrients and an antioxidant called quercetin, all of which may contribute to weight loss.

A Good Source Of Fibre

A cup of onion contains 3 g of fiber, thereby, it adds bulk to our meals.

The soluble viscous fiber found in onions makes it a powerful prebiotic food that ensures a healthy gut, which is crucial for weight loss and belly fat loss. Fiber also improves satiety (the feeling of fullness) and helps us avoid extra calorie intake.

The Anti-Obesity Effects Of Quercetin

Onions are loaded with a flavonoid called quercetin. This plant compound contains an anti-obesity effect. It may help increase energy expenditure, or calorie burn, in our body while also reducing inflammation.

Moreover, quercetin in onions also may help increase our high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, which boosts overall health.

Gain Flavor, Not Calories

Onions are extremely low in calories. A cup (160 g) of chopped onion provides 64 kcal of energy. Cooking with onions is a good way to add flavor to our foods without adding lots of extra calories. We tend to enjoy our meal and feel fuller on fewer calories.

A low-calorie diet with increased fruit and vegetable intake is effective in aiding weight loss.

Ways Of Using Onions For Weight Loss

Onion Juice

One of the best ways to add this superfood into our diet is by drinking its juice. Here’s how to prepare it.


  1. 1 bulb of fresh white onion
  2. 3 cups of water


First, we need to remove the skin of the onion and slice it. Add a cup of water to a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Remove the saucepan from flame after 4 minutes and put onions and water to a blender. Mix it well and add two more cups of water. Pour the onion juice into a glass and drink it.

Raw Onion

Raw onions contain more phytonutrients than boiled onions. To enjoy its weight loss benefit we can toss and slice 1 medium-sized red onion and squeeze the juice of 1 lime wedge on it. Sprinkle a little pink Himalayan salt and eat it as a side for lunch or dinner.