Eight Reasons We Should Detox Today

Many women have heard about detoxification (aka detoxing) but how many have tried it?

Detoxing involves eating healthier and drinking more fluids (Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels)

Detoxification helps to rid the body of toxins. It, therefore, cleanse the body’s internal organs and blood and helps with the smooth circulation of blood in the body.

Below are the benefits of detoxing.

1. Helps You Manage And Lose Weight

Detoxing has become popular because of its ability to help one lose weight faster and also helping one manage their weight. Due to the fact that it helps the body get rid of toxins, this also includes the fat build up in parts of the body that are supposed to have less fat which leads to the gradual loss of weight.

2. Slows Down Signs Of Aging

Many women dread growing old and a majority would do anything to slow down the aging process and hide any signs of aging. Detoxing is said to help slow down the most visible signs of aging like wrinkles and grey hair by reducing the toxins that contribute to the damage of the skin which is associated with growing older.

3. Better Mouth Odour

Detoxing helps to clean your digestive system, removing the bacteria that cause bad breath, therefore, improving your mouth odour. When you initially start detoxing, your breath might get worse because your body is adjusting to the changes and releasing all the toxins but this gets better after the detox.

4. Gives You Clearer Skin

Your diet plays a big role in how your skin looks. You may use as many skincare products as are in the market but if your diet is not right your skin will look much older than you really are. Getting a detox helps to clean the skin and gives it the fresh glow it needs. Some detoxes also include sauna treatments which will help you sweat out all the toxins that have been clogging your pores.

It helps clear your skin and reduce the signs of aging (Photo: Shutterstock)

5. Gives You More Energy

Detoxing will give you a much-needed energy boost. Detoxing eliminates things like caffeine and sugars from your body which cause energy crashes leaving you with more stable energy to sustain you throughout the day.

6. Improved Immune System

Due to the fact that detoxing offloads your organs, they actually tend to work better and are better able to protect your body from any infections and illnesses. Your body will absorb the nutrients it needs like Vitamin C which is great for your immune system. If you take certain herbs during your detox you will notice that your lymphatic system will be improved since this is the system that is responsible for keeping your body toxin-free and healthy.

7. Improves Your Memory

Detoxing helps you to have a better, clearer memory. The negative effects of being on an unhealthy diet can affect one’s mind and so can sugar crashes. Detoxing helps to take care of your mind and body.

8. Makes Your Hair Shinier

Another benefit of detoxing is getting shiny, healthier hair. Hair follicles need the right nutrients to grow healthy hair and a build-up of different toxins is what prevents the nutrients from going where they need to be and this results in one having brittle, dry, broken tresses. Detoxing can also help your hair grow faster.

Important Notice: This article was originally published at www.standardmedia.co.ke by Vivianne Wandera where all credits are due.