Basil Leaves To Help Beautify The Skin

Basil leaves are loaded with powerful antioxidants and nutrients that may do wonders for our skin. Whether we eat them raw or apply them topically on our skin, it simply works like magic.

Here are some of the skin benefits that we can obtain from adding basil leaves into our diet.

Helps Treat Acne

Basil leaves have antiseptic properties that help provide a remedy for multiple skin problems and conditions.  It may help deal with any inflammation that’s commonly associated with acneic skin condition and helps regulate oil production, which is the most probable culprit behind some breakouts. For acne-prone skin, simply make a face pack using basil leaves, rose water, lemon juice, and sandalwood powder. Use the mixture regularly to get rid of acne.

Blackheads Prevention

Blackheads are open dead skin cells on the surface. The use of basil leaves can naturally eliminate them. Place wet leaves of basil on the face for few minutes. Remove it and wash the face thoroughly with cold water.

Helps Treat Ringworm Infections

Basil leaves have anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal compounds that can help prevent the spread of the infection and relieve symptoms like skin itching and rashes.

If suffering from ringworms, the juice of basil leaves should be applied on the patch 2-3 times a day.

Effective Against Burns & Wounds

Basil leaves and basil oil have antibacterial properties that can help eliminate infections. Treat wounds and burns by boiling basil leaves and coconut oil together for a few minutes and then apply it on the burnt skin after it is cooled.

Skin Scars

The paste made of gram flour and basil when applied helps to lead to the whitening of the skin. Basil has anti-bacterial properties while gram flour helps to cleanse the skin.

Glowing Skin

Basil leaves might just be the answer in achieving blemish-free, clear skin. Just beat an egg white and the juice of fresh basil leaves. Apply the mixture apply to the concerned area and leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Basil leaves work by clearing the infections while egg whites tighten the pores, thereby giving us glowing skin.

Brighter Skin Tone

Basil leaves can help clean the pores on our skin and brighten skin tone. Make a brightening face mask using an equal amount of grounded basil leaves and milk. Apply the paste on the face and neck and then post 20 minutes scrub it off.