Medicinal Foods That Can Help Prevent Yeast Infections

There are several changes that we need to do in order to prevent yeast infections. We need to be physically active and do simple exercises, maintain a strong immunity, and have a healthy diet.

Yeast infection is characterized by nasty burning itchiness, red irritated skin, and the unmistakable discharge. Candida yeast is the known culprit behind these fungal infections that are fueled by sugary and carb-rich foods.

To help the body fight these infections, we need to consume medicinal foods that have powerful anti-Candida properties. Check out the list below.


Oregano essential oil has been popularly known as a remedy in preventing and treating fungal and bacterial infections. In a study, results revealed that oregano is effective against many types of fungi, including Candida albicans, which is the cause of around 90% of yeast infections.

For this remedy, simply place 10 drops of the oil into a hot tub, and relax.


Onions have been known for its layers of health benefits that include maintaining heart health, cancer-fighting effects, controlling blood sugar, and boosting bone density. In addition to this, onions also possess antibacterial and anti-fungal effects and have the ability to improve detoxification mechanisms. Moreover, onions are also fantastic prebiotics, is a type of ‘food’ for the beneficial bacteria in our gut.


Papaya is a popular fruit with a sweet taste, vibrant color, and a wide variety of health benefits. Studies revealed that extracts from papaya seeds can help combat fungus and yeast infections. Also, its richness in vitamin C can help ward off other infections.

For this benefit, we can have chopped papaya with mango, raspberries, lemon juice, red bell pepper, red onion, and cilantro, and then top with crushed papaya seeds for a fruit salsa that tastes great over grilled fish.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil comes from the fresh, mature meat of a coconut. Since it is not subjected to a chemical refining process, it was able to preserve its vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that otherwise would be stripped away.

This incredible oil is considered to be one of the best anti-fungal medicines offered by nature. Its lauric acid and caprylic acid content can help inhibit Candida overgrowth and also boost the immune system in order to fight off other pathogenic microorganisms.

We can give ourselves a dose of its benefits by having it straight off the spoon or using it in frying or cooking.


Garlic is known to be a potent immune-booster and can even help in keeping our blood sugar levels in balance. When it comes to yeast and fungal infections, numerous studies have proven garlic to an effective treatment. It works particularly in Candida overgrowth by disrupting the cells walls of the Candida yeast cells, thus preventing them from functioning properly. This effect is mainly due to the garlic’s active ingredient called allicin.