Health Benefits Of Singkamas (Turnip)

Singkamas (Turnips) is a root crop vegetable that has a thirst-quenching quality during the summer heat. It is low in calories and high in fiber and water content. It is an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals including, vitamin A, Vitamin C, and vitamin B-complex namely folates, riboflavin, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid and thiamin as well as calcium, phosphorous, folic acid magnesium, niacin, iron, and potassium.

Here are some of the reasons why singkamas has been one of the famous dietary alternatives especially for today’s health-conscious and body-conscious generation.

Helps Promote Lung Health

Present in singkamas is high amounts of vitamins A which is important in the prevention of lung inflammation. This crop can also help lower our risk of other lung problems including emphysema, a condition wherein the air sacs in the lungs (alveoli) are damaged and this causes shortness of breath.

Helps Fight Asthma

The vitamin C in singkamas has anti-inflammatory effects and is a powerful antioxidant. These properties can help in dealing with asthma symptoms.

Helps Improve Digestion

Singkamas has high levels of dietary fiber that can help increase the bulk of stool, thus helping it move through the digestive tract and aiding conditions like constipation.

May Aid In Cancer Prevention

Singkamas is loaded in phytochemicals and antioxidants that can help us lower our risk of cancers. One of its important components is glucosinolates, natural plant chemicals that break into two compounds while digesting i.e. indoles and isothiocyanates. They help the liver in processing toxins, fight the effects of carcinogens and inhibit the growth of tumor cells. According to studies, including singkamas into our daily diet can help reduce our risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, and rectal tumors.

Helps Manage Blood Pressure

Consumption of singkamas can help manage blood pressure, according to various studies. Singkamas is a rich source of potassium which is a vasodilator and reduces the tension on blood vessels and arteries, thereby lowering stress on the cardiovascular system. Aside from this, potassium is also beneficial in maintaining fluid balance in opposition to sodium throughout the body and this, in turn, keeps our body hydrated and functioning at a high level.

Helps Fight Aging

Due to its richness in vitamin C, consumption of singkamas can help us in achieving a glowing and healthy skin. Vitamin C can help get rid of free radicals in the body that cause early signs of aging such as wrinkles, spots, and fine lines.

Different Ways To Consume Singkamas

  1. It is most commonly eaten raw or seasoned with various spices, chili powder or fruit juices.
  2. It can be added to various salads and side dishes.
  3. Sigkamas can be added to soups and stir fry dishes.
  4. Singkamas can be dried into slices, like potato fries, and used in dips.