The Top 7 Causes Of Headaches (And How To Stop Them)

There are all types of headaches. Migraines get you right behind the eyes, others at the temples, some all around the whole back of your head or on top, while certain other headaches are deferred pain from the neck, back, or other parts of your body. Sometimes people just need to sit in a quiet, dark room, and meditate the headache away. But most Americans immediately reach for aspirin or ibuprofen, when that’s not such a smart thing to do.

There are six simple ways you can prevent most headaches, but most people wait until the headaches are intolerable and it’s too late – that’s when they instead incur needless suffering. Sometimes doctor bills. Always wasted time. Address these before they “arrive” and spare yourself the agony of short- and long-term health effects from headaches.

Main Causes Of Headaches

Headaches are a side effect of many health issues. The following list contains some of the leading causes:

#1. Dehydration – the source of about 75% of all headaches.

#2. MSG – highly concentrated and genetically modified salts that are potent enough to give infants brain damage.

#3. Nitrates and Nitrites – more highly concentrated salts used to kill wild boars within 4 hours of consumption (because they can’t sweat it out).

#4. Neurotoxins in Vaccines – aluminum, mercury, MSG, GMO viral strains, and yes, formaldehyde.

#5. Leaning your head forward and downward for extended periods while using smart devices.

#6. Aspartame – a highly concentrated and genetically modified artificial sweetener that causes anxiety, depression, weight gain, severe headaches, and cancer.

#7. Chemical-laden fragrances – watch out for those unnatural, toxic ingredients in cologne, perfume, aerosols, candles, cleansers, antiperspirant spray, etc. in your home, office, and automobile.

To prevent headaches, you must drink plenty of water. Get a top-notch water filtration system for your home that costs less than $400, and doesn’t need electricity to do its job. That’s called a Big Berkey, and yes, it even filters out fluoride from tap water. It pays for itself within 6 months, by the way (think how much bottled water costs these days).

How much clean water should you drink daily? That one’s easy: However many pounds you weigh, cut that number in half, and that’s how many ounces of filtered water you should take in, generally. Add some trace minerals and you’ve just prevented 3 out of every 4 common headaches. Clean water is essential to preventing and curing headaches.

Concentrated, Genetically Modified Salts; Toxic Jabs And Poor Posture

Next, avoid toxins in your food and water. Watch out for MSG by not just reading the ingredients list on everything you buy, but also watching out for MSG’s evil cousins, that when combined, become just as lethal as MSG, if not worse. We’re talking about hydrolyzed soy protein, autolyzed yeast extract, glutamic acid, glutamate, monopotassium glutamate, calcium glutamate, autolyzed yeast, calcium caseinate, anything “hydrolyzed,” sodium caseinate, soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein isolate. You’ll even find these human dehydrators in baby food and dog food. Especially watch out for nitrates and nitrites that you’ll commonly find in hot dogs, bacon, and most smoked meats, including deli meats and sausages. Avoid those at all costs.

The most underrated headache comes from the toxins in vaccines (namely mercury and MSG), and no MD in America will blame them when the child is in excruciating “unfounded” pain, or when the infant has swelling around the brain from severe inflammation, caused by that highly unnatural auto-immune reaction that’s been conjured up by toxic immunizations.

In about three decades, nursing homes will be jammed packed with Americans (including Millennials) who are mass-medicated for chronic, non-stop headaches and back pain from staring down at smart devices for all those years. Their posture will be so out of whack that the lack of oxygen and nutrients to their brain will have them dying slowly from senility by age 60.

People, if you don’t know better than to avoid aspartame like the plague, you need to read every Natural News article that’s ever been published about it now. And lastly, don’t burn and spray stuff in your home, office, or car that isn’t organic. Please, stop now. Simply throw it all away and start over. Watch those headaches and allergies “dry up” like tea in the Sahara.

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