Hidden Symptoms Of Cancer That Every Woman Should Know

Since a woman’s body changes dramatically with age, it’s important to pay attention to every change and know what it means. Monitoring when something feels different is crucial because as a woman ages, her risk of contracting different types of cancers also increases.

Here are some of the changes that can take place in a woman’s body that might indicate a sign and symptom of cancer.

Bleeding In Between Periods

A woman experiencing bleeding and/or spotting in between periods should see a doctor. This should not be ignored especially for those who have already experienced menopause. For this condition, a doctor may check a woman for cervical, vaginal, and endometrial cancer.


It is normal to feel bloated and uncomfortably full from time to time. However, if it lingers for more than a week or two and it seems to be getting worse, it’s better to see a doctor.

Marleen Meyers, MD, an oncologist at NYU Langone Medical Center, says:

“Women are natural bloaters. It’s okay to wait a week or two to see if it goes away.”

Constant bloating could possibly be a sign of ovarian, uterine, pancreatic, breast, colon, and gastrointestinal cancer.

Skin Changes

Some of the common symptoms of skin cancer include a change in size, color, or shape of a mole or other spot as well as the development of new spots. See a doctor for a thorough examination.

A Need To Pee All The Time

Unless a lady has upped her liquid intake or is pregnant, constant pressure under the bladder and the feeling to pee all the time (but little comes out) could be a sign of cancer.

Trouble Swallowing

It’s okay to experience occasional trouble in swallowing. But if this happens often along with other symptoms such as weight loss and vomiting, it time to ask for doctor’s advice. This might be a sign of stomach or throat cancer.

Change In The Breasts

Never ignore any changes in the breast, such as a change in size and shape, discharge from nipples, development of any lumps and spots, and changing the color of moles.

Mouth Changes

For women who smoke, watch out for signs of oral cancer. These include white, gray, yellow or bright-red patches on the lips or inside the mouth as well as canker sore that looks like an ulcer with a crater in it.

​Changing Nail Colors

Pale or white nails may be a sign of liver cancer while a dark streak under the nail can sometimes indicate skin cancer.