Coconut Oil Can Do Wonders To Our Hair

Coconut oil has natural moisturizing properties and even acts as a natural sunscreen. It has been considered as a must-have staple in the beauty, hair, and skincare regimen of a number of women around the world.

When it comes to hair health, coconut oil was found to be similar to hair’s natural lipid structure and able to penetrate the hair more than other oils. Here are some of the good reasons why coconut oil is found to be beneficial in our hair routine.

Hair Loss Prevention

Excessive grooming can damage the hair shaft, which in extreme circumstances can cause hair loss. The use of coconut oil can help prevent this from happening and keeps our hair in good condition.

Conditions From Within

The use of coconut oil is beneficial if we want to have well-moisturized and strong hair. The oil helps retain moisture, keeps the hair shiny and silky, conditions the hair from within and protect it from heat and environmental damages.

Anti-Bacterial Properties

Coconut oil has antibacterial properties and nutrients that help protect the hair and scalp from bacteria/protozoan/viral infections.

Pre-shampoo Treatment

Many shampoos contain harsh ingredients that can strip our hair’s natural oils. Use coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment if the hair is feeling a little damaged or dry. Simply massage coconut oil into the hair from root-to-tip before you shampoo. Doing this will help prevent shampoos from stripping all the oils from our hair.

Helps Grow The Hair Longer

Due to styling, grooming, weather, and pollutants, we experience difficulty in growing our hair longer. This is because our hair can become more worn and tired the longer it gets.

Coconut oil works by moisturizing our hair, reducing breakage, and protecting it from protein loss, damage when wet, and other damages that can be obtained from the sun, wind, and smoke.

Helps Fix Split Ends And Controls Frizz

Use coconut oil on the driest part of the hair. It can help smooth the cuticle on split ends, tame frizzy hair caused by splits ends or humid weather while at the same time replenishing moisture in our hair.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Maximum Results

To bring out the best results when using coconut oil, it is advised to warm the oil first before applying. Massage it over the scalp and hair and then comb it thoroughly to reach every strand of the hair. Leave it overnight and wash in the morning with shampoo.