Support Weight Loss Plans With These Fat Burning Herbs

It’s hard to lose weight. However, by having self-discipline, cutting down sugar and carb intake as well as having an active lifestyle with a healthy diet, we’ll be able to attain our goal of dropping down some pounds. In addition to these, our mother nature provides an all-natural weight loss remedy that is bound to spice up our lives. Herbs have been shown to fight cravings and boost fat burning and weight loss. Check out their list below.


Cinnamon is a popular ingredient throughout history. It can help curb hunger cravings, makes a person feel fuller for longer, and control blood sugar. Simply sprinkle cinnamon on some apple slices or add it into tea and smoothies.


Cayenne pepper contains a potent compound known as capsaicin which is a key component in fighting obesity as it shrinks up fat tissue and lowers the fat levels in the blood. Apart from this, it also helps in curbing the buildup of fat and reducing belly fats.

Add cayenne pepper into various dishes such as curries or stews. Also, we can make an infusion using up to 1 teaspoon of powdered cayenne pepper per cup of water. Take a 1 teaspoon dose of this mixture in a small amount of water a few times per day.


This vibrant-colored spice contains curcumin which has been extensively studied for its effects on various health problems.

In a study published in PubMed Central, researchers have found that overweight people who took curcumin twice a day for one month had experienced a decrease in belly fat, improvement in fat loss, and an increase in weight loss by up to 5%.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is rich in piperine which is responsible for its unique flavor and potential weight-lowering effects. This potent ingredient works by preventing the formations of fat cells thus helping a person lose and maintain a healthy weight. Obtain the best results by combining black pepper and cayenne pepper.


Ginseng is considered a staple in traditional Chinese medicine. This powerful plant could aid in weight loss. Studies revealed that taking Korean ginseng twice a day for eight weeks can help reduce body weight and change gut microbiota composition.


Ginger possesses inflammatory effects that are beneficial in soothing inflammation in the body and relaxing intestinal walls. Moreover, experts have found that is can also boost the body’s metabolism and has the ability to suppress appetite when consumed.

There are many ways to incorporate ginger into our daily diet for the best results. We can add fresh or dried ginger to a stir-fry or homemade salad dressing or make ginger tea by steep peeled fresh ginger in boiling water. Also, fresh or dried ginger can be used to spice up any fish recipe.