Moringa Tea: A Natural Way To Boost Liver Health

Our liver performs many tasks. It acts as a detoxifying agent, filters the blood, metabolizes fats, supplies fresh blood if there’s a wound, maintains bile production, controls the entire digestive system, maintains hormonal functions and stress-related issues, and many more. Due to these, it is crucial that we take good care of our liver. When it comes to boosting liver health, moringa has something to offer.

Moringa and Liver Health

All the functions of the liver are only possible with its enzymes. Once it run down or overused the enzymes, the liver is a whole lot less useful. With moringa, liver enzymes are restored, getting them back up and running.

Furthermore, moringa is rich in amino acids that enable it to alter the cell membranes, making them more resistant to toxins, able to fight off free radicals and activate the power of its filtration ability. Due to the superfood’s anti-inflammatory properties, it can also help reduce inflammation in both the liver and the body so that the liver can work more efficiently to handle its many tasks. There were also studies showing that moringa can help prevent or reduce liver damages, protect against hepatitis, and prevent liver injury. It easily mixes up with the blood and gives immediate results.

Maintaining oxidative balance in the body is another function of the liver. But what if the liver itself faces oxidative stress? Well, it will not be able to function at its optimum leading to its failure to fight off free radicals which can eventually cause various damages to our health. Fortunately, moringa has antioxidants properties that can help combat the harmful effects of free radicals and reduce overall stress. Apart from this, moringa also provides support to the liver and its cleansing process resulting in overall improved metabolism and well-being.

One way of reaping moringa benefits is by consuming its powdered form which has a mild flavor with a slightly earthy taste.

Easy Way To Prepare Moringa Tea

Gather 3-4 stalks of matured moringa leaves and air dry for a day or until the leaves are crisp. Grind the air-dried leaves (with the stalks if you prefer) for 10-15 seconds using a blender. Put the ground moringa in tea bags, and store in a cool, dry place.

To prepare the moringa tea, you just need to add hot water in a cup with the tea bags. You can also add lemon and honey for additional benefits and boost the flavor.