Speed Up Recovery From Diarrhea With Guava Leaves

Diarrhea is a digestive condition wherein a person experiences a loose, watery, and possibly more frequent bowel movements. Usually, this only lasts for no more than a few days. But if it lasts for weeks, this may be a symptom of another problem such as irritable bowel disorder or persistent infection or inflammatory bowel disease.

Some of the common causes of diarrhea include food poisoning, food allergies, viral infection, bacterial infection, recent antibiotic use, and water contaminated with infectious agents.

When it comes to this condition, there are several herbs and plants that can help us ease symptoms and speed up recovery. They contain tannins, which is a naturally occurring polyphenol biomolecule that plays a tremendous role in tightening and contracting the human tissues, thereby leading to fluid retention and abrupt stoppage of diarrhea. Guava is one of the traditionally used powerful medicinal plants for diarrhea treatment.

Guava And Diarrhea

Guava leaves extract has antibacterial properties that make it an effective treatment for diarrhea, gastroenteritis, and dysentery.

In a study published in the Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo, researchers have found that guava-leaf extracts inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, a common cause of diarrhea. Also, due to the soothing nature of the leaves, it can facilitate easy re-absorption of water in the intestines.

For people suffering from diarrhea, drinking guava leaf tea on an empty stomach can provide some relief from abdominal pain. Also, the patient will be able to have fewer and less watery stools and will experience a quicker recovery.

How To Make Fresh Guava Leaves Tea

Gather 5-7 fresh guava leaves and wash them thoroughly to remove all possible dust and dirt. Take a pot and add a liter of cold water inside and then place the leaves into it. Boil the leaves for no more than ten minutes. Filter the water and use it as a beverage. A spoon of honey can be added for additional taste and benefits. The fresh guava leaf tea is now ready.

How To Make Tea From Guava Leaves (Dry)

Take a couple of dried guava leaves and crush them. Add 2-3 teaspoons of guava leaf powder into a cup with boiled water and let it rest like this for 5-7 minutes. Add some honey to taste.

Note: When suffering from diarrhea, a person must drink plenty of fluid to prevent dehydration.