Cat’s Whiskers: A Garden Plant With Numerous Health Benefits

Cat’s Whiskers is popularly referred to as “Balbas Pusa” or Java Tea. This fast-growing perennial garden plant is often found in southern China, South East Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and tropical Queensland. Aside from its beautiful flowers that spring up much like a cat’s whiskers, the plant also has an inviting aroma and is a great source of nectar.

According to experts, Cat’s Whiskers is a very distant relative of the basil family. In countries like China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, the plant is used to treat various illnesses. It was found to possess anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive, antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

Here are some of the benefits we can obtain from this plant.

Has Diuretic Action

Cat’s whiskers are considered to be diuretic. This means that the consumption of it in tea form can increase the flow of urine. It works by relaxing the walls of the internal vessels. This action of the herb can be attributed to its sinensetin, tetra methoxy-flavones, and Methylripariochromene A content.

Helps Treat Kidney Disorders

The herb was actually known as a “kidney plant” because of its ability to promote kidney health. Its leaves were used traditionally to eliminate kidney stones by up to 5 cm in size. Various studies have found that it can be an effective treatment for acute and chronic kidney infection, urinary tract infection, bladder stones and infections, and frequent urination.

Helps Treat Skin Disorders

When processed, Cat’s whisker gives an oil which is effective in treating rough and dry skin as well as a range of skin infections.

Helps Treat Respiratory Problems

Experts found that the herb can be a great natural medicine against asthma and cough. For it to become a more powerful remedy it is recommended to be mixed with other potent medicinal herbs which can act well against respiratory illnesses.

Helps Treat and Heal Gout

Enzymes, such as natural acids and flavonoids, present in the herb can help provide relief from gout. They act as agents that lessen the pain, thus comforting a person suffering from any type of pain. The use of it can help in the healing process of gout.

Helps Treat Shortness Of Breath And Nerve Related Problems

Due to its numerous health properties, cat’s whiskers are considered to be one of the best herbs in the world. Its other benefits include treating shortness of breath and nerve-related problems. However, one should be very careful when using this herb since overdose of it may have harmful effects in the body.

Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Cat’s Whiskers has been found to be effective in managing the body’s blood sugar levels. There were several studies proving its ability to effectively control diabetes.