Reduce Body Pains And Aches With Comfrey

Comfrey is an herbal plant that is known for its anti-fungal, antioxidants, and vasoprotective effects. It is also known as ass ear, black root, slippery root, and bruisewort. Every part of its flower, which is purple or cream in color, has been used in treating inflammatory disorders like arthritis and ulcers.

According to experts, comfrey contains two substances that have been revealed to be biologically active in laboratory tests: allantoin causes cells to increase the rate at which they divide, and rosmarinic acid reduces inflammation and prevents injury to the small blood vessels in the lungs.

Let’s take a look at some of the potential health benefits of comfrey.

Helps Reduce Back Pain

In a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, results showed that the use of comfrey cream can help treat acute upper and lower back pain.

Helps Treat Ankle Sprain

Comfrey possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce ankle sprains and other related pains. A 2005 study published in Phytomedicine has found that when it comes to reducing ankle-sprain-related pain, comfrey ointment may have the same effect as diclofenac gel (a topically applied nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug).

Helps Improve Skin Health

Comfrey contains allantoin, a wonder ingredient that hydrates, exfoliates, repair, protect and soothe the skin. Allantoin can also help reduce abnormal thickening of the skin caused by “keratinization.” It works by interacting with the skin’s keratin to thin out an abnormal, thick stratum corneum thereby leaving skin feeling smooth.

Moreover, comfrey also contains antioxidants that help fight off the harmful effect of free radicals on our skin.

Helps In Fast Wound Healing And Regeneration Of Broken Bones

The herb’s ability to speed up the healing of bones and wounds has been known widely. It contains vitamin C, Calcium and Magnesium that are all essential for bone strengthening. Also, its allantoin content can accelerate cellular mitosis (meaning it speeds up the process of new tissue growth), while its rosmarinic acid helps to relieve pain and inflammation.