Hidden Health Conditions That Can Be Seen Through Our Neck

There are individuals that notice some lumps in their neck when they examine themselves in front of a mirror. Fortunately, some of these lumps are more likely to be benign or non-cancerous. But sometimes, these may look strange or unusual and quickly needs doctor’s attention.

Don’t panic, there are symptoms that can help us identify what is the actual health status of our neck. Check this out!

A Swollen Lymph Node Under The Angle Of The Jaw

According to experts, this symptom may indicate a human papillomavirus (HPV)-related cancer.
HPV is passed from one person to another during direct skin to skin contact. Though most people are able to get rid of this infection, some people develop a lasting infection that transforms normal cells into pre-cancerous lesions or cancer.

Oral cancer is among the many cancers linked with HPV. The first sign of this cancer can be a lump in the neck right below the angel of the jaw. This kind of tumor typically starts in the mouth, but when cancer spreads to the lymph nodes, it becomes visible in the neck.

Having A Bulging Vein

It could be jugular vein distress if it looks like a length of rope on one side of the neck. A person has jugular veins on both sides of the neck which act as passageways for blood to move from a person’s head to the superior vena cava, which is the largest vein in the upper body. The superior vena cava then transports the blood to the heart and lungs. However, once the pressure inside the vena cava increases and appears as a bulge running down the right side of a person’s neck, jugular vein distress happens. This can cause hypertension, an infection, heart failure or heart valve stenosis.

Wide Neck

A person is at a higher risk of sleep apnea if his neck is wide – over 16 inches for a woman and 17 inches for a man.

Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. A person snoring too loudly or feel tired even after a full night’s sleep might be suffering from this problem.

A Lymph Node Bigger Than A Golf Ball

Normally, lymph node measures about 1.5 centimeters. But if it feels like it is bigger than a golf ball then a doctor must check it out as it may indicate a potentially cancerous mass.

Visible Lump Found At The Base Of The Neck

Mark A. Varvares, MD, FACS, an otolaryngologist with Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Eye and Ear, says that:

“Any lump you see low down on your neck, off midline — meaning to the left or right of the center of your neck — may represent a thyroid mass.”

These masses may be large and visible, or they can be very small. Though the majority of them are benign, there are those large ones (goiter) that can affect the way we swallow our foods thus causing airway compression and makes breathing more difficult. Moreover, some neck lump can also be a sign of a serious condition, such as an infection or a cancerous growth.