Help Combat Stress With Rose Tea

Due to day to day problems and pressures, many of us are dealing with stress and anxiety. Though anti-anxiety medications are available, turning to them will only increase our risk of adverse side effects.

Stress is the body’s reaction to a trigger that makes a person feel nervous or frustrated. On the other hand, anxiety is a sustained mental health disorder that can be triggered by stress.

A person suffering from stress and anxiety can experience both physical and psychological symptoms which include the following:

  1. shaking
  2. dizziness
  3. frequent urination
  4. change in appetite
  5. trouble sleeping
  6. stomachache
  7. muscle tension
  8. headache
  9. rapid breathing
  10. fast heartbeat
  11. sweating
  12. diarrhea
  13. fatigue
  14. difficulty concentrating
  15. irrational anger
  16. feelings of impending doom
  17. panic or nervousness, especially in social settings
  18. restlessness

Research has found that some of the common causes of stress and anxiety are the death of a family member or friend getting married, having a baby, moving, having an illness or injury, and starting a new job or school.

When it comes to managing these conditions, more and more people are looking for a safer and more natural solution to dealing with it.

Rose Tea Against Stress and Anxiety

Rose tea is derived from the rose petals themselves after being dried. It contains high levels of vitamin A, vitamin C, polyphenols, quercetin, myrcene, various minerals, and antioxidants.

Various studies have found this tea is beneficial in boosting the immune system, eliminating cramping, aiding in digestion, soothing the respiratory tract, and improving our mood.

This naturally uplifting tea is excellent against stress and anxiety. It works by easing the mind and giving a calming effect to help us have a good night’s sleep.

According to experts, the smell of roses has long been associated with relaxation.

Moreover, a 2016 study revealed that rose water aromatherapy helped reduce feelings of anxiety in people with end-stage kidney disease.

Enjoy this benefit by making rose tea out of dried rose petals or fresh ones. Simply add dried or fresh (wash it thoroughly) rose petals in boiling water. Reduce heat and steep for 5-10 minutes until petals turn dark. Strain before drinking. Add honey to taste, if necessary.