Health Alert: Things We Usually Do That Are Harming Our Body

Every day, we aim for healthier and improved versions of ourselves. However, there are times wherein we are not aware that we do certain day-to day-activities or things that still harm our body and can lead to bigger health issues down the road.

Since our whole body is interconnected, sometimes one small change can make a big difference and we must know what are these simple habits that seem harmless but could pose possible health risks.

Below are a few surprising things we do that are actually harming our bodies.

Eating Late At Night

In a 2011 study published in the journal Obesity, researchers have found that eating dinner late at night (after 8 pm) may increase the risk of weight gain and obesity.

Staying Awake Late At Night

Frequently staying up at night disrupts our circadian rhythm which affects our sleep-wake cycle, body temperature, eating habits, and other bodily functions.

Using Plastic Water Bottles

Drinking adequate amounts of water keep us hydrated and make our skin glowing. However, water won’t do good to our body if we are guzzling from plastic bottles. According to studies, many plastic water bottles contain Bisphenol A, or BPA, which has been linked to obesity, decreasing fertility, and increased rates of reproductive cancers in men and women. Go for a reusable plastic-free, stainless steel jug instead.

Getting Angry Often

Frequent angry outbursts can elevate the risk of a heart attack, according to a research study conducted by the University of Sydney. In this study, experts found that that the risk of a heart attack is 8.5 times higher in the two hours following a burst of intense anger.

Too Much Use Of Social Media

Study confirms that being active to social media platforms put our body at risk. Simply liking and sharing on social media increases our feelings of being socially isolated since it can give people the impression that others are much happier than them.

Sitting All Day

Sitting all day harms our health and can shorten our lives. Prolonged periods of sitting has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and elevated risk of musculoskeletal disorders, especially low back pain.

Sleeping In Contact Lenses

Stop sleeping in contact lenses. This habit causes contact lens acute red eye (CLARE), eye ulcers, and other eye infections.

Squirting On Hand Sanitizer

Leave hand sanitizers out of your purse. They contain triclosan that has been linked to a higher risk of thyroid problems and obesity. Simply wash hands with soap and water to remove certain kinds of germs.

Placing Handbags On The Table

Studies revealed that handbags contain twice the bacteria present in a toilet seat. Therefore, simply placing them on the counter or kitchen table allows germs to spread to other food items in the kitchen.