Clear Signs That A Heavy Menstrual Flow May Be Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

It’s normal for a woman to experience heavy bleeding for a day or two during her period. However, if she bleeds enough to soak through 1 or more tampons or sanitary pads every hour, then this should be a major concern.

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB) is a condition wherein there is heavy or unusual bleeding from the uterus (through the vagina). It is marked by long, excessive periods.

There are many causes of abnormal bleeding. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Early pregnancy
  2. Platelet dysfunction
  3. Hormonal changes
  4. Structural abnormalities in the uterus, including Fibroids (non-cancerous growths of muscle in the uterus), polyps (non-cancerous growths on the lining of the uterus and cervix), uterine cancer, and cervical cancer
  5. Blood thinners for anticoagulation (medications that reduce the risk of blood clots)

Signs That a Person Might be Dealing With AUB:

Unusually Long Periods

A person suffering from abnormal uterine bleeding have a longer period – usually up to 14 days.
Once a woman experiences a period that lasts longer than seven days she needs to see a doctor.

Constantly Changing Tampon Or Pad Due To Heavy Bleeding

According to experts, some women have to get up in the middle of the night to change their sanitary products or switch their pad or tampon.

Obstetrician-gynecologist Holly R. Miller, MD says:

“If you have to use a super tampon every hour or are using a pad as a backup, that tells me a patient is having bleeding that’s outside the realm of normal.”

Period Affect Daily Activities

Some women experiencing heavy bleeding during their periods need to cut back their daily routine.
According to reports, many women simply just stay at home, skip school or work, and even turn down social invitations due to heavy periods.

Feels Exhausted When Having A Period

Iron deficiency anemia, a condition wherein the body lacks red blood cells due to too little iron in the body, could develop if a period tends to be heavy and lasts for more than 7 days.

A person suffering from anemia feels tired and weak and experiences shortness in breathing.

Make an appointment with a doctor if you think that you are dealing with this problem.