Gum Acacia (Acacia Senegal (L.) Willd) And Its Health Benefits

For hundreds of years, certain species of acacia has been used in diverse ways. This little tree with bright yellow flowers has been used by many people to treat a range of health issues.

Most of the time, Acacia Senegal (L.) Willd is the type of acacia present in food or medicine. This type of acacia is usually harvested of its “gum” which is made from the sap of acacia tree and has plenty of nutrition that is divided into three major fractions: galactose backbone; glucuronic acid and arabinogalactan-protein complex; and glycoprotein.

Health Benefits Of Acacia

Helps Soothe Coughs And Sore Throats

Acacia gum is can help relieve irritation and inflammation, thus making it a good remedy in controlling coughs. It has been used in solutions to coat the throat and protect it from irritation as well as to prevent symptoms including sore throat.

Helps Promote Oral Health

Acacia extract can be used in dental products, such as mouthwash and herbal toothpaste, to prevent gingivitis and clean the teeth. According to studies, herbal toothpaste with powdered acacia cleaned and cleared well over two-thirds of tooth plaque, and nearly 100 percent in some cases.

Helps Boost The Immune System

According to an article published in “Journal of Experimental Therapeutics and Oncology” in 2012, acacia may help fix the damage caused by common cancer treatments in the immune system. Acacia extract can help make our immune system stronger, decreases the side effects of chemotherapy, reduce the effects of toxic ingredients in some synthetic drugs, and help cancer patients stay healthier and stronger.

A Good Source Of Fiber

Water-soluble dietary fibers (WSDF) are present in acacia gum. It is a good fiber and can help control our cholesterol levels. According to studies, regular intake of 15 grams of acacia gum can help manage the concentration of plasma cholesterols in blood and can help maintain a healthy weight and overall cardiovascular health.

Possesses Prebiotic Benefits

In a paper published in the journal “Nutrients” in 2012, results revealed that taking acacia gum with yogurt is beneficial to our digestive system. It has prebiotic carbohydrates that work with probiotics, the “good” bacteria in yogurt and kefir, to fight off “bad” bacteria that are responsible for various diseases such as yeast infections, eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhea.

Helps Promote Kidney Function

Kidney failure is associated with shortness in breathing, swelling, weakness, lethargy, and confusion. Acacia gum can help inhibit oxidative stress and inflammation thus slowing down kidney damaging progression. Aside from this, patients should also avoid drinking too much coffee or tea, drink 8 glasses of water a day, and be physically active.

Helps Battle Oxidative Stress

When lots of free radicals come to our body, oxidative stress occurs. This can damage cells in our body and cause various diseases. According to research, acacia gum contains antioxidants that fight free radicals. Along with eating healthy foods, acacia gum can help protect us against different illnesses.