The Health-Boosting Benefits Of Prunes

Prunes are dried plums that provide our body with a variety of health benefits. These powerful little bite-sized fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants that can help us lower our risk of several chronic diseases.

A 1-ounce (28-gram) serving of prunes contains the following:

  1. Calories: 67
  2. Carbs: 18 grams
  3. Copper: 4% of the RDI
  4. Vitamin A: 4% of the RDI
  5. Vitamin K: 21% of the RDI
  6. Vitamin B2: 3% of the RDI
  7. Vitamin B3: 3% of the RDI
  8. Vitamin B6: 3% of the RDI
  9. Fiber: 2 grams
  10. Potassium: 6% of the RDI
  11. Phosphorus: 2% of the R
  12. Sugars: 11 grams
  13. Manganese: 4% of the RDI
  14. Magnesium: 3% of the RDI

Eat prunes and reap all the benefits listed below.

Helps Delay The Aging Process

Free radicals, which are the main reason behind our aging bodies, harm our cell membranes, DNA, and proteins. We can fight it by eating prunes which are rich in vitamin K and beta-carotene. These nutrients help delay cell damages and the process of aging and also boost our blood circulation.

Helps Protect The Eyes

The food we eat plays an important role in providing vitamins that contribute to the health of our eyes. Prunes are rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene which help protect the cells in our retinas from the harmful rays of the sun and lower our risk of age-related eye problems like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Helps Prevent Cancer

At present, cancer is one of the main causes of death of many people. By eating prunes we can lower our chances of developing this disease. Prunes are loaded with phytonutrients which are commonly known as phenols which have antioxidant properties. It protects our body from harmful damages caused by free radicals. According to studies, these free radicals cause chronic diseases such as cancer.

Helps Treat Anemia

Anemia is a condition that occurs when our body lacks healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to the body’s tissues. It is caused by untreated iron deficiency. Prunes have significant amounts of iron that can help treat and prevent anemia and iron deficiency.

Can Lower Our Body’s Cholesterol Levels

A body with high cholesterol levels is at higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Prunes work by soaking up the excess bile in our intestines and liver and then flushing them out of our system. When excreting the bile along with the fiber from prunes, the liver needs to use more cholesterol to produce more bile, thus lowering cholesterol levels in our body.

Helps Relieve Constipation

Due to its high amounts of fiber and sorbitol content (one prune provides 1 gram of fiber), prunes have the ability to relieve constipation. It adds bulk to our stool and may speed up the rate that waste moves through our digestive tract.

Helps Prevent Obesity and Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2)

Obesity is a condition wherein a person carries excess weight or extra fat. This is a serious health condition that should be given immediate attention.

By regularly eating prunes, we can do manage our weight by helping us control our cravings and leaving us feeling full and satisfied after every meal. Aside from this effect, prunes are also rich in fiber which help our stomach digest the food properly, thus maintaining our blood sugar levels, and lowering our risk of diabetes.

Helps Promote Bone Health

According to studies, prunes have vitamins and minerals which have bone-protective effects. These include potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin K. All these nutrients help in lowering our risk debilitating bone conditions such as osteoporosis and osteopenia, which are characterized by low bone density.

Helps Fight Colds

Being an anti-oxidant rich food, prunes can help us prevent getting sick during cold season. Its beneficial vitamins, including manganese and iron, help protect our cells from damages caused by free radicals and guards the cells in our immune system.

Prunes are really beneficial to our health. By simply adding it into our diet we can create a strong defense against serious health problems.