Basil Leaves For Good Eyesight

Basil is one of the most common types of herbs used in many cuisines. Traditionally, it is used as medicine due to its potent antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Adding the leaves into our daily diet will provide us the numerous health benefits to our body. One of these benefits is for our eye health.

Most Common Types Of Basil

Sweet Basil – a medium green color with a rounded cup-shaped leaf that is commonly used in  tomato sauces, pesto, and in soups

Holy Basil – this type of basil has a spicy-sweet musky scent and tastes peppery and sharp.

Cinnamon Basil – this type of basil has a reddish stem with pink flowers at maturity. It has a mild flavor and is used in Asian cooking such as in fried rice, noodle, marinades, noodles salads, and grilled vegetables.

Lemon Basil – this type of basil has a wonderful lemony scent. The leaves can be used marinades, desserts, and teas.

Purple Basil – this highly aromatic, purple basil can be steeped in vinegar or oil to add beautiful colors to our dishes.

Benefits of Basil Leaves for Eye Health

Here are the reasons why Basil leaves are beneficial for our eyes, which is one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body.

Vitamin A

Significant amounts of vitamin A is present in Basil leaves. Vitamin A is the key to good vision. It helps slow the age-related decline of our eyesight and prevent eye problems such as cataracts, night-blindness, and glaucoma.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is beneficial for our eyes and our overall health. It provides antioxidants that fight free radicals and help slow cataracts and macular degeneration. Some other foods rich in vitamin C are broccoli, mustard greens, peppers, oranges, kiwi, and strawberries.

Anti-Inflammatory And Soothing Properties

Basil leaves have anti-inflammatory and soothing effects that can help protect our eyes against environmental damage and free radicals. A relaxing cup of tea made from the leaves can help us reap this benefit.


Basil leaves have ample amounts of beta-carotene. This acts as an antioxidant which protects cells against oxidation damage that can cause severe chronic illnesses. Beta-carotene is converted by the body into vitamin A (Retinol), an important vitamin for healthy skin and mucous membranes, immune system, and eye health and vision.

Ways to Use Basil Leaves for Eyes Health

Here are some of the easy ways wherein we can use Basil leaves in promoting eye health.

  1. For eye problems related to bacterial and fungal infection, soak some fresh basil leaves in water. Use the water to wash your eyes. Do this for at least three times a day.
  2. A 5 to 10 milligrams drop of basil leaves juice into your eyes can help to treat night blindness.
  3. Use Basil oil to soothe our eyes and protect them from conjunctivitis, boils, and other eye problems.
  4. Make a tea out of Basil leaves and drink it before going to bed. Doing this will help relax our eyes.
  5. To get our daily need for vitamin A, we need to incorporate 100 grams of basil leaves in our diet.
  6. Apply Basil leaves paste around the eyes to maintain its health.