Amazing Medicinal Uses Of Lady Fern

Lady fern is a plant that grows well in acidic soils and where there is little sunlight available. This native, perennial plant is also known as fiddlehead ferns, shuttlecock fern, and eagle fern.

For many years, Lady fern has been used by traditional healers to treat various health problems. Its roots and leaves are being turned into tea or employed in the form of decoction and infusion.

Here are some of the well-known health benefit of Lady fern to our body:

Helps Relieve Labour Pains

To help ease labor pain, simply have a cupful of tea made from boiling leaves of lady fern. Aside from this, it can also help in the flow of milk in caked breast. For this purpose, simply crush its leaves and boil them in milk or water. Let cool and drink.

Helps Reduce Body Aches

Taking Lady fern tea is a popular remedy for headaches. Moreover, it also works wonderfully against muscle aches and joint pains.

Good For Coughs And Colds

For immediate relief from colds and cough, we simply need to drink a glass of tea made from the leaves or roots of the plant. For those suffering from asthmatic conditions, this can be useful as it can help open the air passages.

Helps Eliminate Parasitic Worms

When it comes to parasitic worms in the intestines, drinking a strong decoction of the leaves and roots of lady fern can help get rid of them. The worms remain stunned or killed by the action of the lady fern.

Helps Cure Sores

The plant has antiseptic and antimicrobial action that help prevent bacteria from growing and immediately cures wounds. For this purpose, we need to make a paste by mixing powdered form of the root and water. Apply the paste on the affected areas.

Helps Increase Urine Production

Being diuretic in nature, consumption of the tea can help people with bladder problems such as urinary incontinence and urinary tract infection. It helps increase urine production, flushing out bacteria in the urinary system.

Helps Manage Respiratory System Issues

Lady Fern is known for its ability to treat various respiratory problems. A tea made from its leaves can help relieve cough, flu, common cold, asthma, and bronchitis.

Helps with Digestive Problems

A tea made from boiling Lady fern leaves can help solve various issues of the digestive tract. It can be taken by those experiencing indigestion. Moreover, it helps the bile in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and digestion of fats.

Helps Relieve Constipation

Lady fern tea has laxative properties that help remove digestive by-products in the colon. Consumption of a milder tea from various parts of the plant can help those who suffer from constipation.


Always ask for the help of a reputable herbalist before employing Lady fern. Be sure to eat or drink only the cooked parts of the plant. Though it can help in breast milk production, pregnant women should stay away from it.