The Healing Wonders Of Golden Champa (Tsampakang-Pula)

Golden Champa is native in the India, Burma, Philippines, and Indonesia. This evergreen tree is also famously known as Tsampakang-pula, joy perfume tree, and yellow jade orchid tree. It grows to a height of 6 meters or more with its dense and spreading branches. According to studies, its leaves and flowers contain alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids, tannins, glycosides, amino acid, carbohydrates, and sterols. Its stem bark yielded triterpenoids, steroids, and fatty acids.

Medicinal Properties

According to studies, the plant has anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antitumor, antifungal, anthelmintic, antihyperglycemic, diuretic, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and cardioprotective properties.

Bark – tonic, astringent, and antiperiodic.

Root – emmenagogue, purgative, and demulcent.

Flowers – diuretic, stimulant, tonic, demulcent, and carminative.

Golden Champa Medicinal Uses

Remove Boils

Daily application of crushed leaves on site of the boils can help it disappear.

Provide Relief From Carbuncles

Carbuncle is a collection of multiple infected hair follicles which forms a broad, red, hot, painful nodule that often drains pus through multiple openings of the skin. It usually occurs in areas with thicker skin like the nape of the neck, the back, or the thighs. You can get relief for the carbuncle by the use of Golden Champa extract on the site of the affected area.

Good For The Heart

Champa helps in making the blood healthy and in improving the functions of the heart. It acts on the LDL cholesterol and removes them from the blood.

Antidote For Poisons

A drink out of its crushed flowers can be used as an antidote for some types of poison.

Expels Worms

Get rid of intestinal worms by extracting the juice of Champa flowers and drinking it three times a week every morning for two weeks.

Anti-Toxic Agent

The flower extract can help get rid of toxins in the body thereby keeping the liver healthy and promotes good health.

Good Laxative

Regular consumption of a decoction prepared from the leaves of the Champa tree can help improve bowel movement and relieves symptoms of constipation.

Chapped Feet

Soak your chapped feet in water with Champa leaves. Doing this will make the skin on your feet better.

Cure Hematemesis

Hematemesis is a condition wherein a person bleeds internally and vomits as a result. By taking an extract of Champa you can restore the good condition of your stomach.

Treat Dysuria

This condition is common in women than in men. It is a symptom of pain, discomfort, or burning when you pee. Get relief from this painful condition by having the flower and its juice two times a day. It can promote the flow of your urine.

Check The Overproduction Of Bile

Bile is needed for the digestion of fats and worn out red blood cells as well as in removing certain toxins. However, its overproduction creates an imbalance in the digestive system such as bile acid diarrhea. Prevent this from happening by drinking Champa flower and leaves decoction.

Cures Leprosy, Skin Diseases, And Ulcers

Champa extract can help you deal with various skin problems such as ulcers, leprosy, and other skin diseases. Apply the extract of the Champa tree on the affected area and wash it off with some warm water after ten minutes.

Removes Phlegm

Put 2-3 flowers of Champa in a cup of warm water. Let the flowers soak for a while and drink it to help you remove the phlegm from your system and improve your breathing.