Benefits Doing Salt Water Gargle For Oral Health

Salt water gargling is a simple yet effective way you can try for you to be able to feel relief when you are suffering from allergies, sore throat, infections, cold, flu, and other health imbalances.

How Does Salt Water Gargle Work?

Your throat gets sore once a bacteria or virus take up residence in it. Since salt water is of a higher concentration, its sodium content simply passes through your throat’s tissue membranes where there is a lower concentration of fluids. A hospitable environment for the bacteria is then created by this sodium. This process dehydrates the bacteria’s environment and helps gets rid of fluid that builds up due to an infection.

Health Benefits Of Doing Salt Gargle

Soothes A Sore Throat

Sore throat is caused by a bacterial or viral infection as well as by allergic reaction like pollen or dog and cat dander. Gargling salt water relieves throat pain and is also very effective for treating sore throats during cold or flu.

Cleanses Mouth

Gargling and rinsing your mouth with salt water will help lower your risk of oral infections. It will remove those tiny particles of food stuck between your teeth that can possibly cause disaster for our oral health. Moreover, it will also effectively remove white-build up on your tongue.

Maintains Natural pH Level

Acids produce by the invading bacteria in your throat are being neutralized by salt water. It helps maintain a healthy pH balance which helps the natural bacteria in your throat and mouth to thrive and prevents unwanted bacteria from accumulating and causing infections.

Prevents Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

A study conducted by researchers from Japan found that gargling with warm salt water three times a day is a cost-effective and easy way of decreasing a person’s risk of developing uppers respiratory tract infection by 40%.

Remedy For Mouth Ulcers

For many years, salt water gargle has been used as an effective remedy for treating mouth ulcers. It can help ease inflammation and pain associated with ulcers.

Dental Health

Salt water is good for dental health because it helps protect the gums. It also keeps candidiasis and gingivitis at bay. Rinsing your mouth with salt water was found to be a quick and effective way of healing any wound in the connective tissue in your mouth. Its antimicrobial property also helps fight off any oral infection.

Removes Bad Breath

Salt water gargle can effectively help get rid of occasional or chronic bad breath. It works amazingly by neutralizing the acids in your mouth, thereby restoring its natural pH and flushing out oral bacteria which causes bad breath.

Relieves Toothache

Toothache occurs once there is a build of pus in the center of your tooth because of bacterial infection. Gargling salt water every few hours can help get rid of the pain since it helps flush out some of the fluids from the tooth.

How To Gargle With Salt Water

Add ½ tsp of either sea salt or table salt in 8 ounces of warm water. Dissolve the salt completely. Take a big sip of the salt water, tilt your head back and look up, and gargle it for as long as possible. Spit the water out. Repeat the process until you have finish all the salt water. Gargle with salt water every 4 hours to effectively relieve the pain in your sore throat.