Don’t Always Blame The Weather: Reasons Why You Always Sweat Too Much

Wondering why you sweat so much? Well, you are not alone.

Millions of people are suffering from underarm sweat patches and clammy palms and feet. This could really be a pain or embarrassing especially when you have to meet important clients or heading out for a date.

Fortunately, knowing the reason why you sweat excessively, can help you determine its cause thus making it easier to treat the problem. Aside from the weather, there are several other possible reasons why you sweat a lot. Here is the list:

Wacky Hormones

Some serious hormonal changes and imbalances are caused by pregnancy, menstrual cycle, and menopause – which all increase your body’s core temperature due to the rising progesterone levels.

This is the reason why women experience hot flushes, sudden feelings of heat over the chest, face, and neck during menopause. Pregnant women can minimize sweaty discomfort by avoiding hot environments, drinking lots of water, wearing comfortable clothing, and avoiding spicy foods.


When you are stressed, your body goes into high alert mode and activates your flight or fight reaction. Due to this, you’ll have an increase in blood flow, body temperature, and sweat output. Though sweat production is just normal during stress situations, there are times wherein it can really be embarrassing and unpleasant. So, if ever you’ll have upcoming deadlines or a big presentation, preparing in advance will greatly help. – do breathing exercises to cool you down or spend time in quiet meditation.

Your Weight

Being overweight is another factor that contributes to excessive sweating. More heat is trapped when you have high body fat levels and this results to a raise on your core temperature. Moving around is also difficult if you have higher body weight. Lower your weight by having a healthy lifestyle and exercise. This will help you prevent weight-related problems and may ease the strain on your body.


Caffeine stimulates your nervous system for you to move faster and think clearer. Your body responds to it in a way it would respond to a danger thus stimulating the production of sweat on the palms, underarms, and feet. Reducing or eliminating your caffeine intake would greatly help lessen the amount of sweat produced by your apocrine glands.

Physical Exertion and Exercise

Your blood pressure, heart rate, and heavy breathing cause your sweat glands to work overtime during exercise. Sweating still continue even if your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing return to normal. This is due to the reason that your muscles are still stimulated. A person who is overweight or not physically fit tend to sweat more than those who keep themselves physically fit.


Some medicines, like pain relievers and antidepressants, can make you sweat excessively as a side effect. That’s why, if you sweat so much for no reason, check the medications you are taking.


This condition is characterized by excessive and unpredictable sweating. Hyperhidrosis can affect your whole body or specific areas of your body such as your hands, feet, forehead, and face.