How To Prepare A Pineapple-Beet Smoothie To Naturally Reduce High Blood Pressure

Hypertension, a medical term for high blood pressure, increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, and death. In this condition, the long-term force of the blood against your artery walls is high enough that it may eventually cause health problems.

At present, hypertension and heart disease are global health concerns. The growth of the processed food industry has influenced the amount of salts in our diet, and this plays a role in hypertension.

Normal blood pressure is 120 over 80 mm of mercury (mmHg), however, a person with hypertension has a blood pressure higher than 130 over 80 mmHg. This condition contributes to nearly 1,000 deaths per day, according to a report from the American Heart Association.

Some of the contributing factors of hypertension are as follows:

  1. Alcohol and tobacco use
  2. Low potassium in the diet
  3. Physical inactivity
  4. A salt-rich diet associated with processed and fatty foods
  5. Certain diseases and medications

Hypertension is often called the silent killer as the person suffering from this condition may not notice any symptoms. Due to this, it is necessary to check your blood pressure regularly. However, in some case, the patient might experience headache, sweating, anxiety, sleeping problems, nosebleeds, and blushing.

If left uncontrolled, high blood pressure can lead to complications including:

  1. Heart failure
  2. Heart Attack
  3. Aneurysm
  4. Metabolic syndrome
  5. Weakened and narrowed blood vessels in your kidneys
  6. Dementia
  7. Trouble with memory or understanding

Results of a study conducted by the American Heart Association revealed that people with high blood pressure who drank 1 cup (8 ounces) of pineapple and beet juice per day experienced decreased blood pressure. According to the researchers, the effect is mainly because of the dietary nitrate found in beets. This dietary nitrate is converted by the body into gas that expands blood vessels and aids blood flow.

Pineapple-Beet Smoothie Recipe


½ cup sliced cooked beets
1½ cup frozen pineapple chunks
½ cup fresh orange juice
¼ cup celery leaves
1 cup vanilla almond milk


Combine all ingredients in blender and puree until smooth. Drink and enjoy its benefits.

Other Natural Ways To Lower Hypertension

  1. Increase activity and exercise more
  2. Eat less processed food
  3. Reduce excess stress
  4. Stop smoking
  5. Try meditation or yoga
  6. Cut back on sugar and refined carbohydrates
  7. Ginger-cardamom tea
  8. Lose weight if you’re overweight
  9. Eat more garlic
  10. Eat more potassium and less sodium
  11. Drink Coconut Water
  12. Get a vigorous cardio workout of at least 30 minutes
  13. Inhale deeply and expand your belly. Try 5 minutes in the morning and at night
  14. Eat potassium-rich fruits and vegetables
  15. Use less salt in your diet