Reasons To Drink Calamansi Juice Regularly

Calamansi juice is derived from calamansi fruit. It has a tart, unique flavor, very refreshing and best-served ice cold. Calamansi is similar to lemon and limes. It is often called calamondin in America.

In Filipino cooking, this sour fruit is squeezed on “pancit” noodles, used as a marinade for meats, and used to make desserts. It is rich in potassium, calcium, vitamin C and A, and certain antioxidants, such as limonene.

Benefits of Calamansi Juice

When it comes to health benefits, calamansi juice packs a punch thereby making it a popular choice of fruit when making fruit juices.

Helps Boost The Immune System

For generations, calamansi juice, due to its high amounts of vitamin C, has been used as an immune booster. It also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can help counter the negative effects of free radicals.  Common cough and colds and fever can be prevented with regular intake of calamansi juice.

Helps Improve Respiratory Health

The citric acid levels in a calamansi can break through that phlegm and mucus which can easily soothe your throat and respiratory pain.

Aids In Weight Loss

Calamansi juice can eliminate toxins in the body that contribute to fat storage. Drinking a glass of calamansi juice can help improve passive fat-burning throughout the day while detoxifying the body.

Helps Control Cholesterol Levels

Evidence from Medical studies indicates that calamansi juice can lower your cholesterol level, as well as your risk for stroke, heart attack, and atherosclerosis.

Helps Control Diabetes

Studies have found that calamansi juice has a blood sugar-moderating effect. If you are suffering from diabetes or at risk of developing the diseases, drinking calamansi juice can help regulate the release of insulin and glucose into your bloodstream.

Helps Lower Acidity

According to a study published in the Journal of International Oral Health, tannins found from the rind of calamansi can help lower inflammation, reduce your risk of developing ulcers, and protect you from acid reflux disease. Many people drink calamansi juice due to its soothing effect in the stomach.

Helps Promote Collagen Production

Collagen production can be boosted by taking the right amount of vitamin C. It is needed in creating every tissue, muscle fiber and cell in the body. Since calamansi juice is high in vitamin C, it is perfect to enhance the creation of collagen for the body.

Helps Detoxify the Body

Calamansi juice can be a powerful detoxifying agent. It can help flush out impurities in your kidneys, colon, liver, and gallbladder.