7 Natural Foods That Can Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a scary disease. Many of us have been affected by it whether distantly or up close. The repercussions of cancer have touched the lives of millions. For those who are at risk or have already been diagnosed, there a feeling of helplessness.

“What can I do about this? How can I protect myself?”

The answer is simpler than you think. As science develops in this area, researchers have discovered seven foods with the capabilities to inhibit cancer naturally. They are commodities you probably already have in your kitchen and by incorporating them more into your meals, you are saving yourself from cancer.

How Does Cancer Spread?

Angiogenesis, the process of forming new blood cells, has a vital role in fighting off cancer. The process itself is regulated by chemical signals in the body which are in responsible for the repair of damaged blood vessels and production of new blood vessels. The chemical signals that prevent this process are known as angiogenesis inhibitors.

In a healthy body, there is a balance between the productions and inhibiting effects of these chemical signals, which causes the formation of blood vessels, as needed.

Since tumors need blood supply for their growth, it stimulates the signal for angiogenesis. The production of blood vessels feeds the tumor with the oxygen and nutrients it requires to metastasize, spreading throughout the body.

How Can These Foods Help?

The following seven foods are natural angiogenesis inhibitors, called antiangiogenic agents. They interfere with the process of metastasizing, blocking the formation of new blood vessels that are supporting the tumor, thus starving it. Scientists claim that this can prevent, slow, or even stop the spread of cancer.

The 7 Foods:

1.      Foods with Lycopene

Lycopene is a potent angiogenesis inhibitor which is found in tomatoes and gives them their red color. A study which involved 51,000 men showed that there was a 23 percent risk reduction in those who ate two servings of tomato sauce weekly.

2.      Green Tea

Green tea contains polyphenol catechins, a compound with antioxidant, chemopreventive, and antiangiogenic properties. It has been scientifically shown that drinking 2-3 cups of green tea on a daily basis stopped the stimulated angiogenic signals by 70 percent and reduced tumor cell invasion by 50 percent.

3.      Turmeric

This miraculous spice possesses antiangiogenic and chemopreventive properties, ably inhibiting carcinogenesis in liver, skin, intestines, and stomach.  According to one research, the participants who ate 4g/ day of turmeric had a 40 percent reduction in the number of premalignant markers in cancer.

4.      Raw Cacao

Cacao beans contain flavanol, an ingredient with antioxidant properties and ability to reduce damage done to cells. This is very important since cancer is caused by damaged cells. Cacao is abundant in antioxidant flavonols,  polyphenols, and proanthocyanidins, all of which slow down the growth of cancerous cells.  It is highly versatile and it can be added in baked goods, smoothies,  and much more.

5.      Blueberries

According to a study from Rutger University, 1 ½ cups of blueberries daily can reduce the rate of pre-cancerous lesions by 75 percent, due to pterostilbene, an antioxidant found in these berries.

6.      Curry

Molecules present in curry kill off cells in the colon and esophageal cancer and have been found to attack the cancerous cells within the very first 24 hours of curry being consumed.  Although researchers are still investigating the cancer-fighting properties of this spice, it is recommended to take it as a supplement or include it in your meals.

7.      Resveratrol Supplements

Being natural polyphenol and phytoalexin, resveratrol has the ability to inhibit angiogenesis.  Make sure you consult your pharmacist when buying these supplements to get the right dose according to your weight and height.

Stay Healthy

Including these seven foods into a healthy diet is a well-balanced defense against cancer. Don’t forget to prepare them in a way you enjoy. Fighting cancer has never tasted so good.