4 Things To Avoid Doing Right After A Meal

All of us feel sleepy and wants to take a nap after eating a meal, but as far as one knows, this kind of habit cause a significant health threat.

For that reason, we give out 4 things you should avoid doing after eating a meal:


One of the major unhealthy habits is smoking, but still, a lot of people do not aim to quit. People, especially smokers like smoking after taking a meal, however, cigarettes are made up of nicotine that binds to the excess of oxygen which is crucial for digestion.

Thus, our body takes more carcinogens than normal. Researchers conclude that smoking a cigarette after a meal is no difference as smoking 10 cigarettes at once.

This habit increases the chance of colon and lung cancer too.

Drinking Tea

Having a cup of tea after your supper? You need to know that it can inhibit iron absorption. Specifically, tea carries tannic acid which attaches with iron and protein in the food that we take leading to the decrease in iron absorption by a whopping 87%.

The result of iron deficiency leads to anemia, dizziness, a condition of lacking strength, severe fatigue, sallow skin, chest pain, bad appetite, and shivery feet and hands.

Exercise or Training Session after Eating

The secret to a tremendous body figure sets the truth that an exercise is most effective when done after you have eaten your meal. However this is not what we were many times told as a child (and our parents were correct to a point), the fact is that timing is again the main point.

For instance, work out after a meal can cause cramping or stitching, particularly in exercises linked to dynamic swimming or rock climbing. Although, if done right, this routine will reset your transformation in no time, while improving your digestive system and enhance the exercising performance likewise.

Digestion is critical and it can be concluded right in a situation when the human being is collecting sufficient blood flow, or throughout 80%, all of which goes straight into the muscles.

Anyway, exercising right after a meal can create a one-on-one struggle into the muscles and the digestive system, as both require the blood circulation pursuing at that time.

If the blood circulation is unequally divided, the condition of both the exercise session and its consequences will be eternally lost.

For that reason, the muscles learn to use up all vitality that is accessible to them, so when you are sated, blood sugars are the initial thing they will bind to.

This explains that instead of appealing into a new involved action of interrupting down food, the muscles use the initial thing that goes out, losing the body untrained to the level it requires.
However, this doesn’t involve exercising on an empty stomach, either.

Conclusion: The perfect time to engage in a healthy exercise routine that will fulfill your weight-loss objective is one hour after eating. This will allow the body to prevent cramps and will revitalize the digestive system enough so magic can happen!

Sleeping Right After Eating a Meal

Having a nap after a meal will prompt to sleeping issues, soreness, and bloating. Researchers at the University of Ioannina Medical School in Greece establish that people who waited for a longer period of time before they went to bed after a meal had a remarkably reduced tendency of having a stroke.