These Eating Habits Can Bring Harm To Your Child’s Health

We all know that it’s not easy to get our kids to eat more vegetables and fruits. Many children nowadays are picky eaters, thus making it hard for parents to give them nutritious and healthy foods. Aside from this, your efforts as a parent can also be affected by your child’s bad eating habits which ruin their health.

Eating Habits That Are Ruining Your Child’s Health

Eating Too Much Sugar

Sugary foods are just everywhere and they are linked to several health issues. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 62 percent of kids consumed a sugar-sweetened beverage between 2011 and 2014.

If I were you, I would set limits on what I think is fair: maybe it’s a treat a day or treats only on the weekends.

Forgetting Family Meals

According to studies, children who eat with their families at least 3 times a week are more likely to eat healthy foods and have a lesser chance of being overweight, eating unhealthy foods, and having disordered eating.

Relying On Packages

Parents always rely on in chips, crackers, and packed fruits juices as their child’s snack in school or at the park. Giving them such foods will only make them think that eating foods out of bags, boxes, and canisters is just okay.

These processed foods contents high amount of sugar, salt, and refined carbohydrates. Most of them lack proteins, fiber, and nutrients, thereby overeating of these fake foods can only cause health-related issues such as leaky gut syndrome and inflammation.

The Drive-Through Hitting

Most fast food restaurants offer foods that are high in sodium, calories, and saturated fats. A lot of kids prefer ordering French fries that contain bad fats which contribute to a higher risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Aside from losing your kid’s taste from real food, letting them frequently visit fast foods will only put them on an increased risk for nutritional deficiencies, high cholesterol, and weight gain.

Pleading And Negotiating

Some moms are having problems with their kids during mealtime. In order to make them eat, moms usually negotiate more bite in exchange for dessert or junk foods. Doing this will never help your kids make healthy choices.

Serving Juice

Although juices can be a source of some vitamins and minerals, serving them to your kids frequently will only cause a spike on blood sugar, weight gain, and cavities on your children.

Skipping Breakfast

Kids need breakfast to help them stay alert and focused, to keep their blood sugar levels steady, provide them the energy they need to learn and play and prevent them from feeling hungry by lunchtime and prevent weight gain.

Mindless Eating

Due to our busy schedules, we always rush things. Instead of sitting down to a meal and teaching your kids to love salads, most of us tend to eat in the car while checking our emails. Doing this only makes your kids learn your unhealthy eating habits which researchers have found to be one of the reasons why many adults are obese.

Stocking The Kitchen With Junk Foods

Avoid stocking junk foods in your kitchen pantry; your kids will only reach for it. Instead, try to put healthy foods, such as a fruit bowl or vegetable salad, in front of your refrigerator or on the counter.