Cilantro Recipes To Help Get Rid Of Accumulated Fats, Liver Problems, And Cholesterol

Despite the advancements in medical care and treatments, many people have been turning to natural remedies to fight common ailments. Nature offers almost all answers for your health problems. All you need to do it so pay attention to what it says and have a healthy diet as well as lifestyle.

Prescription drugs, on the other hand, are packed with chemicals that only do more harm than good. Its potential side effects on the patient’s body are frightening and can cause more serious diseases. Most of them even cost a small fortune.

When it comes to dealing with high cholesterol, pancreas issue, liver malfunction, diabetes, and obesity, there are so many natural remedies that work better than your medication. One of these remedies is cilantro and for sure you never use it as a remedy.

Cilantro is known for its versatility. Its leaves bring a fresh, nearly citrusy boost of flavor to foods without the need for salt and other seasonings. Meanwhile, its seeds contain their own health benefits and healing properties as well.

For centuries, cilantro has been used as a remedy for internal issues. It can be used to treat everything from intestinal problems to bad breath to lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Health Benefits Of Cilantro

1. Protects against oxidative stress
2. Prevents and relieves eye problems
3. Lowers anxiety and improves sleep
4. Boosts the function of the liver
5. Soothes diarrhea and digestive problems
6. Relieves conjunctivitis
7. Protect against colon cancer
8. Support healthy menstrual functions
9. Prevents urinary tract infections
10. Provides a diuretic effect
11. Treats ulcers
12. Prevents accumulation of fat in body tissues
13. Prevents the formation of kidney stones
14. Enhances digestion
15. Lowers blood sugar levels
16. Soothes skin irritation
17. Protect against food poisoning

How To Use Cilantro

To Cleanse The Liver


· A bunch of cilantro
· Ginger (two finger-size pieces)
· 1 lemon
· 3 large cucumbers


Juice the ingredients one at a time, and then add the cucumbers at the very end.

Drinking this freshly prepared juice throughout the day will help cleanse your liver and improve its regular function.

To Regulate Cholesterol And Blood Sugar Levels


· 250 ml water
· 2 tbsp coriander seeds


1. Soak the leaves overnight, and strain the liquid next morning.

2. Keep the liquid in a glass bottle, and drink it throughout the day.

Coriander water will help remove toxins in your body and regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

To Get Rid Of Kidney Stones


· A handful of cilantro
· A handful of parsley
· 1 pitcher filled with water


1. Chop cilantro and parsley, add to a pot filled with water and put it on the stove.

2. Bring the water to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes.

3. Strain the tea and drink it every day until you have achieved your desired results.

The tea will help prevent or even eliminate kidney stones from your body.