Reasons Why Long Periods Of Sitting Is Bad For Your Health

You must be aware that living an inactive lifestyle can negatively affect your entire health. Your chance of living a healthy life can be increased by decreasing your time sitting or lying down.

Studies revealed that people who always move around or stand during the day are at lower risk of early death as compared to those who sit at a desk all day long. Conditions such as depression, anxiety, being overweight, type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases can be the end result of an inactive way of living.

Inactive Lifestyle Affects Your Body And Health

In an article published in Science Magazine, James A. Lavine, an obesity specialist, concluded that any extended sitting such as behind a desk at work or behind a wheel – can be harmful. He even labeled sitting as the disease of our time.

That’s why avoid relaxing on a couch for too many hours. Your heart and cardiovascular system will not function effectively in this kind of way. Always stand upright and be physically active in order to improve your energy and endurance as well as the strength of your bones.


Findings of a study conducted by the American Cancer Society showed that women who spend 6 hours or more of free time sitting per day have a 10% greater risk of getting cancer as compared to those who spend less than 3 hours of free time sitting per day. These women may possibly develop certain types of cancer such as ovarian cancer, invasive breast cancer, and multiple myeloma.

Weight Gain

Your digestion is not that efficient when you spend a lot of time just sitting, thus maintaining those fats and sugars in your body. Keep yourself busy and move all your muscles in order to assist your entire body to digest fats and sugars. Also, put in mind that even you do some exercises, but you still spend a lot of time just sitting around, you are still at risk of some health-related issues like metabolic syndrome.

Varicose Veins

Sitting for a long time causes blood to pool in both of your legs, thereby resulting in varicose veins or spider veins, which are unappealing. There were rare cases wherein these blood clots lead to a more serious problem.


Researchers claimed that five days of lying in bed can result in elevated insulin resistance in the body. One should avoid this habit is it can lead to a 112% higher risk of having diabetes.

Heart Disease

A long period of sitting on your desk is linked to heart diseases. Studies have found that men who watch television for more than 23 hours a week have a 64% chance of dying from cardiovascular diseases as compared to women who only watch 11 hours per week.

Stiff Neck And Shoulder Pain

In addition to sitting for a long time, the time you spend on the screen of your computer can also cause pain and stiffness on your neck and shoulders.

Anxiety And Depression

Sitting for a longer period of time increases your risk of having depression and anxiety. This could possibly be due to the missed out positive effects of both physical activities and fitness.

Start doing right. Refrain from sitting for a long period of time. Change your habit and get enough activities by doing random kinds of stuff.