Fake Honey Is Everywhere, Know The Difference Between Fake And Real Honey

We all love honey due to its sweetness and benefits to our body. However, at these present times, fake honey is almost everywhere. Probably, many of you might not know this. Fake honey should be avoided for the reason that it isn’t as beneficial as the real one.

Real honey will give you many benefits. It comes from bees and its all-natural products, it has no artificial chemicals and is the healthiest product of this kind you can use. Furthermore, real honey is natural and organic. The sad part is that some manufacturers produce fake honey.

Fake honey or artificial, altered, adulterated honey implies that it has been added with sugar syrup, invert sugar, starch, flour, glucose, corn syrup, molasses, dextrose or any similar products, other than the floral nectar gathered, processed, and stored in the comb by honey bees. Adding just one of these chemicals will change the composition and make the honey completely different from the real one.

The Difference Between The Real And Fake Honey

At first glance, both artificial and real honey may look the same, thus the chance of buying fake honey is really high.

Continue reading for you to know how to tell if honey is pure in order to tell the difference.
Several tests can be used to tell the difference between the two. It would be better if you use more than one of these tests to get the most accurate results.

The Flame Test

This trick has been used for decades. Light up a cotton bud with a match-stick flame and keep it into the honey. The honey will burn if it is real and pure.

With The Help Of Microwave

Drop enough amount of honey on the microwave safe bowl and place it in a microwave. Check and observe it after heating it up for 40 seconds. The sample will caramelize if it is real and will become bubbly and foamy if it is fake.

Honey Granulation Or Crystallization

Real honey is packed with enzymes including glucose oxidase, which eliminates water from the honey. Due to this, the honey will crystallize and become thicker once it is stored. On the other hand, the fake version will stay the same regardless of how long it was stored.

Ease Of Dissolving In Water

Take a glass of water and add honey. Observe how honey comes down into the glass of water. Does the honey dissolve? Pure honey does not easily dissolve in water and takes a little bit of effort to completely dissolve its lumpy bits. Meanwhile, fake honey, due to its chemical contents, will easily dissolve.

A Piece Of Paper

In a piece of paper, add a bit of honey and observe. Honey is real if it will stay in the same form and won’t wet the paper. Artificial honey, on the other hand, wets the paper. Try this one and if it passes through the paper, then avoid that honey.

These tests are so simple. You can all perform them and easily notice the difference.