This Little Fruit Has Big Benefits

Strawberry is beloved around the world. It has been known for its sweet and juicy inside, while red and lurid on the outside. Due to this, numerous chefs have been inspired to create new and exciting flavors and foods ranging from ice cream, jam, cakes, and to even some healthier fare. There is no wonder why this little fruit has been the symbol of love and passion.

Health Benefits of Strawberries

Despite its size, strawberries are full of vitamins and nutrients, which are essential for optimal health.
Almost 129% of the daily recommended value of the immune boosting superstar vitamin C is found in this fruit. Aside from this, it also has phytonutrients that can fight inflammation throughout the body.

Strawberries help fight free radicals in your body. According to studies, it contains a flavonoid known as Fisetin, which can kill breast cancer cells without harming healthy normal cells. Fisetin has also been found to be powerful against prostate and colon cancer cells.

Lily Soutter, a nutritionist speaking on behalf of Seasonal Berries, says that:

“Numerous studies have found an association between strawberry consumption and improved cardiovascular health. It appears their high content of berry anthocyanins may play a role in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, blood pressure, and even improving our cholesterol profile.”

Aside from being delicious, strawberries could also have a beneficial effect on the reproduction of bacteria and parasites in the body. Soutter further added that:

“One study analyzed the tops and leaves of 200 strawberry plants, and found their large and diverse range of polyphenols are defensive against harmful microbes, and may even have benefit to human health. While these results are certainly exciting, much more research into strawberry leaf polyphenols in relation to human health is required.”

Just make sure to consume the fruit in moderation. It contains fructose, and an excessive amount of it may harm your health in the long run.

If you can’t find strawberries in your community, you can take advantage of Fisetin by consuming foods such as apples, onions, cucumbers, grapes, and persimmons.

You can obtain all the benefits of strawberries with just a very little effort. They are best eaten at room temperature.

Here Are Easy Ways To Include More Strawberries – And Their Tops – In Your Diet

  1. Add both to smoothies.
  2. Infuse your drinking water by dropping sliced strawberries and their leaves into your jug or bottle.
  3. Create your own salad dressing by soaking the berries, including the tops, in balsamic vinegar for at least 48 hours.
  4. Whizz up your strawberries in a blender to create compote that can be used as a breakfast topping.
  5. Make strawberry leaf tea using the stalks and leaves. Leave both to brew for a few minutes in boiling water.

Strawberries must be stored in the coldest area of your refrigerator in order to preserve its freshness. Wash them with water and pat them dry with paper towels before eating.

Due to its versatility and nutritional content, strawberries are widely loved. Though they can be prepared in a number of ways, no version tops in flavor or promotes optimal health more effectively than the raw strawberry.