These Foods From China Have All Been Proven To Be Contaminated

Can you identify where everything in your refrigerator originated? Well, there’s a good chance that your answer is no. You might seem to be like many other people that could end up paying a very steep price for this ignorance.

Sadly, a lot of food from China, where the standards leave a lot to be desired, are sold throughout the world. According to Mitchel Weinberg, founder of a company called Inscatech that uncovers fraud and malpractice in the food industry, while they are uncovering this type of fraud around 70 percent of the time overall, it’s close to 100 percent in China.

So, is it okay for you to eat anything that comes from a country where rat meat was sold as lamb and baby formula was laced with melamine?

Listed below are some of the foods you should be particularly wary of if they come from China:


Chinese people love their rice. So much rice is grown in their country and lots of it are sold in North America. Unfortunately, they have been exporting what’s known as a “plastic rice” which is a mix of resin and potato.


Chinese mushrooms have prompted safety concerns around the world. Chinese farmers add formaldehyde and sulfur dioxide to make their mushrooms appear fresher. Be careful when buying since a third of the processed mushrooms that are consumed in America originate in China.


In China, water pollution is out of control, thereby consuming anything that once swam in its dirty waters should be avoided. More than half of the tilapia and cod that are sold in the U.S. were grown on a Chinese fish farm, so it’s not uncommon to find heavy metals like lead or mercury in this fish.

Apple Juice

The Alternative Daily has singled out Chinese apple juice for several reasons. A few years ago, health officials discovered that apple juice imported from China contained antifreeze. Any apple grown in toxin-laced Chinese soil is an apple that you definitely want to avoid.


Garlic has lots of health benefits to offer. However, if your garlic comes from China, it may possibly have an opposite effect on your body. It has been found that Chinese garlic is lace with methyl bromide and other pesticides. As much as a third of the garlic sold in the U.S. originating there. Be vigilant enough to avoid this potential danger.

Green Peas

Aside from rice, counterfeit green peas have also been found. These peas are made using a green dye, sodium metabisulfite, soya, and small amounts of real green peas.

You take a gamble on your health and possibly your life when you buy foods from China. It would be better if you buy locally for you to be more confident in the processes and sources.