Lavender Lemonade: A Possible Home Remedy For Anxiety And Headaches

Headaches are roughly the most common condition affecting people of all ages. There are a number of contributors for this, such as dehydration, tension or other external or internal factors. While most people use over-the-counter painkillers for this health issue, these don’t always provide assistance.

On the other hand, natural medicine has a lot to offer when it comes to headache relief. Take for instance lavender. Due to its potent anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant properties, and anti-fungal properties, this purple herb can be used to relieve chronic and painful headaches. Making lavender lemonade is one of the most effective methods of using lavender for treatment of headaches. Surely, this sweet drink can soothe even the most persistent headaches. Instead of painkillers, fill your kitchen cabinet with this amazing herb.

Lavender Lemonade Recipe

What you need:

  1. 12 cups of water
  2. 1 cup of raw honey
  3. Juice from 6 lemons
  4. 1 bundle dried lavender flowers

What to do:

  1. Boil the water in a large saucepan
  2. Take out the saucepan from heat and then add the lavender then cover and leave for one hour.
  3. Strain the liquid and mix with lemon juice and honey.
  4. Serve warm or cold with ice.

This recipe produces 6 glasses of servings.

Health Benefits

Lavender has been long known as an anxiolytic. This means that it has mild sedative and analgesic effect. Moreover, it also efficiently improves temper, thereby making it a perfect usual answer for treating tension headaches and stress caused by tension in the body and muscle spasms. Studies even found that just inhaling the scent of lavender oil can get rid of headaches.

Other Ways To Use Lavender To Relax

  1. Let go of your stress naturally by spraying 10 to 12 drops of lavender essential oil into the air.
  2. If you’re having a dry skin, just simply mix 5 to 6 drops of lavender essential oil to your bath water.
  3. For health issues such as relaxing your mind, lightening your skin quality or improving your sleep, you just have to add 2 drops of lavender oil per Oz to your favorite lightly scented or unrefined organic oil (for instance, almond or olive oil) to make body oil with all the benefits that lavender can provide.

The Importance of Hydration

Most people are not aware that some headaches are the effect of dehydration, most especially when they are accompanied by a dry and sticky mouth, decreased urine output, constipation, and drowsiness.

By drinking a simple juice like lavender lemonade, you can easily hydrate your body and help it restore its balance.