A Great Tea For Swollen Legs

Swollen legs, mostly at the ankle part and feet, is often an early sign of poor blood circulation or venous insufficiency. This condition happens when blood inadequately moves up the veins from the feet and legs up to the heart.

Our veins are the ones responsible for keeping the blood flowing up and towards the heart or what we called “one-way valve”. Yet, once these valves failed to do its job or become weak, the blood leaks back down the vessels, thus allowing the fluid to pool in your lower limbs especially the ankles and feet.

Here are some of the reasons why an individual develops swollen feet:

  1. Excess Bodyweight
  2. Menstrual Cycle
  3. Prolonged sitting and standing
  4. Diet rich in Salt
  5. Pregnancy

Fortunately, there are some interventions you can try to help avoid leg swelling. These include:

  1. Raise your legs above your heart while lying down
  2. Diet modification- Low-salt diet
  3. Do leg movements
  4. Take a 30 min. pause to move and stand up around if you have long hours of standing or sitting
  5. Avoid wearing close-fitting clothes around your thighs
  6. Drink Parsley Tea

Yes, you read it right. Parsley tea can help remove leg swelling. Thanks to the nutrients present in this herb. Parsley has a natural diuretic property which allows you to urinate frequently to be able to remove the fluids that have accumulated in your legs.

How To Prepare This Simple Yet Incredible Tea?

  1. Collect fresh parsley leaves and roots
  2. Cut the roots and leaves finely and mix it together
  3. Take five teaspoons of your mixed parsley roots and leaves and bring it to a boil in half a liter of water for five minutes
  4. Leave it for twenty minutes afterward to cool it down
  5. Strain the boiled parsley parts to separate the parsley parts from the tea
  6. You can also squeeze a slice of lemon for flavor as an option.