A Recipe That Can Destroy Cancer Cells And Heal The Whole Body

Consuming this recipe can help you in healing your heart, regenerating the immune system, kidneys, liver, and secretion system, purifying the blood cells, curing the whole body and even purifying the digestive system from the pathogenic micro-flora.

Aside from these, it can also protect you from a heart attack and treats people that had previously survived a heart attack. It is really helpful against carcinoma. Furthermore, it can improve the work of the brain and straightens the memory, regulates the body weight, enhances the work of the glands and the internal organs and is ideal against inflamed wrists.

Here’s How To Make This Amazing Recipe:

Needed Ingredients:

15 lemons
12 garlic heads
1 kg honey
400 g nuts
400g wheat grain


  1. Put 400 g of wheat in a clean glassed jar, then fill it up with water and leave it overnight.
  2. After 10-12 hours, over a clean towel pour the water, wash the grain and strain it through gauze.
  3. Put the purified wheat and leave it for 24 hours to sprout.
  4. Grind together the cleaned garlic, the sprouted wheat, and the nuts.
  5. Grind the 5 lemons with its peel and mix it all together in a bowl.
  6. Squeeze the rest of the lemons and mix the juice together with the other mixture.
  7. Add the honey and mix with a wooden spoon. Pour the mixture into the jar and store them in the refrigerator. You can consume it after 3 days.


Consume 1 -2 tablespoons 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner and before going to bed. But if you are fighting against cancer, you can consume this medicine every 2 hours until the whole mixture is consumed.

Take this medicine once a year for prevention.

This mixture will guarantee a long and healthy life and can keep your body young, fresh. and energized. This mainly because it contains the necessary bioactive substances, mineral, herbal fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins your body needs.