4 Important Things We Need To Do To Prevent Liver Cancer

Do you smoke or drink a lot? Are you overweight? If your reply to these questions is “yes” then, you may have the possibility of developing liver cancer. One best way to lower your chances of developing this disease is by making some lifestyle changes.

Listed Below Are The 4 Things That You Can Do To Lower Your Risk Of Developing Liver Cancer

Exercise Regularly

Improving your physical strength with consistent physical activity will also boost your immune system. A daily exercise and a proper diet can prevent liver cancer, as well as, other kinds of health problems such as obesity and heart diseases.

Limit Alcohol Intake And Tobacco Use

Chewing or smoking tobacco and excessive alcohol intake can cause liver cirrhosis which gradually progresses to liver cancer. These two risk factors are very preventable. Limiting your intake of these substances can greatly reduce your risk of developing this disease. It’s always best if you avoid these substances entirely.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene to stay healthy can reduce the risk of almost all kinds of diseases, including cancer. Washing hands before and after preparing or eating food is one of the best habits you need to observe in your daily life.

Eat Healthily And Maintain A Healthy Weight

One of the first steps to significantly lower your chance of developing liver cancer is to follow a healthy diet. You definitely need to avoid sugary foods, heavy proteins, fatty meat, and processed foods.

Improve your digestion by eating lean protein with minimal fat. Unhealthy weight gain and obesity, which are considered as major risk factors for fatty liver disease can be prevented with a healthy diet. Being overweight is also linked to liver cancer.

Be sure to consume a lot of fresh fruits and when it comes to vegetables, don’t overcook it so that it will not lose its vitamins and minerals. Don’t eat fast foods, eat fresh salads instead. Always opt for organic produce, this way, it can help you strengthen your immune system.

Live a healthy lifestyle to prevent liver cancer and improve your overall well-being.

Boost Liver Health With These Healthy Foods

Here are some foods that can improve liver health and prevent liver cancer.

Grapefruit – contains naringin and naringenin, two powerful antioxidants that can protect the liver. The protective effects of Grapefruit work in two ways: protecting cells and reducing inflammation. s.

Beetroot Juice – has antioxidants and nitrates known as betalains. It can minimize oxidative damage and inflammation, as well as, improve heart health.

Tea – is surely good for your health and recent studies also show that it can also help prevent liver cancer. It has been confirmed in a Japanese study that consuming at least five to ten cups of green tea daily can help improve blood markers of liver health.

Cruciferous Vegetables – these kinds of vegetables are full of fiber. Among these veggies are Brussels sprout, mustard greens, and broccoli. According to studies, both broccoli and Brussels sprouts extracts can help boost levels of detoxification enzymes and protect the liver from damage.

Olive Oil – it is considered a “good” kind of fat since it offers numerous health benefits. This oil is good for both metabolic and heart health. It is also useful in maintaining liver health. A study proves that people suffering from a fatty liver disease who consumed 6.5 milliliters (approximately a teaspoon) of olive oil daily have improved enzyme and fat levels.