Little Known Health Risk Of Using Too Much Cell Phone

Today, the smartphone industry is at its peak as the largest growing industry. It helps us communicate faster compared to any other gadgets, it also provides us with great entertainment. Yet there is always a down-side to everything. There have been numerous concerns that were raised regarding the users’ safety upon their smartphone usage.

Radiofrequency energy (RF), a form of nonionizing radiation, is being emitted by cellphones from their antennas. The skin or tissues exposed or made contact to the antenna absorb this energy. Being exposed to this increases your risk of cancer.

Below Are Possible Health Risks Of Using Smartphones:

Cell Phones And Cancer

There is no consistent scientific evidence that supports this belief. The only concern experts see is that the heat being emitted by cellphones comes in contact with the skin and could result in an insignificant temperature rise in the brain or any other organ.

Cell Phones And Eyestrain

Cellphone’s small screens and bright lights can cause eyestrains. Our eyes have to use more effort with its muscle functions if we do a harder task when lighting and the screen background changes. At this point, your eyes will tend to hurt. Also, you must be very careful about how close you are when you are holding and using your cellphones: the closer it is to your face, the more eyestrain you will get.

Keep a good proper distance from your cell phone screen. You may use eyeglasses to see better. Every 20 minutes that you use a gadget, take 20 minutes of a break by looking and focusing on an object 20 feet away.


Cell Phones And Accidents

When we are distracted, we are prone to accidents. Especially when driving, texting slows the driver’s ability to be alert and step on the brakes when needed. It puts the driver’s self in harm and also poses harm to other drivers and pedestrians.

Cell Phones And Germs

The general truth about germs thriving on our phones will never be denied. No matter how many times we wash our hands, they are always susceptible to germs and bacteria. Researchers found that one in six cellphones is definitely contaminated by some sort of fecal matter, most likely because their owners are not thorough enough to wash their hands after using the toilet. Moreover, it was also found that phones have E.coli bacteria that possibly came from the fecal residue. E.coli will cause diarrhea, vomiting, and fever if not amoebiasis when ingested.

There is no doubt that technology in the form of the smartphone has made our lives easier. However, without proper discipline, it might be the cause of our untimely death.

Always take moderation in using any gadgets. Always find a balance to keep your health and safety more secured.