Sodium Benzoate: More Toxic To Humans Than High Fructose Corn Syrup, This Secret Ingredient Is COMMON In Most Foods And Beverages

One-third of all Americans get cancer at some point in their lifetime. Do you think its hereditary? You would be dead wrong. There is this ingredient in soft drinks and almost all jarred pickles and peppers that causes leukemia.

This poison is called sodium benzoate. This ingredient is present in popular rubber cement, paint stripper products, permanent spot removers, and lots of U.S. food products all approved by the FDA for human consumption.

The rubber making industry banned sodium benzoate because many workers exposed to it developed leukemia and died.

Sodium benzoate is made by mixing sodium hydroxide with benzoic acid, which gives it highly destructive, solvent qualities. The media in Europe is screaming to ban this toxic “preservative” because of the possibility that it may be affecting the normal development of children. The U.S. mass media won’t utter a word about it. Researches regarding sodium benzoate are not conducted because researchers fear that they might get “suicided” by Big Food and Big Pharma, just like what many cancer researchers, holistic doctors, and vaccine researchers have encountered.

Sodium benzoate is a carcinogen that deprives the human cells of oxygen, breaks down the immune system and causes blood cancer to develop. You’ll see the phrases, “to preserve freshness” or “as a preservative” on product ingredient labels. This makes you feel safe and cozy when your brain ingests those happy slogans, but what your body is attempting to digest is a dangerous concoction that’s been synthesized in a laboratory using chemicals.

When combined with vitamin C or E, the effects of sodium benzoate get even worse as benzene is formed and that’s where leukemia kicks in full gear. At the cellular level, sodium benzoate deprives mitochondria of oxygen, sometimes completely shutting down the “power station” of your cells. It’s programmed cell death, and when cells are deprived of oxygen, they fail to fight off infection and disease, including cancer – the mutation and uncontrolled division of cells.

Sodium benzoate extends the shelf life of beverages and foods while shortening the life of humans that consume it regularly.

This toxic agent can be found in soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juices, toothpaste, cough syrups, salsa, dips, shredded cheeses, sodas, mouthwash, salad dressings, jams, and cosmetic products. It is the cheapest mold inhibitor today thereby aiding and abetting chronic neuro-degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

The chemical-laden-food industry of the U.S. is well-protected. No research has been conducted by the FDA to protect consumers from preservatives and cancer-causing additives in foods, not even on nitrates and nitrites (the latter being the number one group of cancer-causing additives).

Sodium benzoate is dangerous because it destroys parts of your DNA. It attacks the mitochondria – cells that use oxygen to produce energy. Mitochondria control the cell life cycle and cell growth.
U.S. federal safety rules limit benzene levels at 5 ppb (parts per billion) in drinking water, but for some unknown reason (money), some soft drink manufacturers are jacked up with more than 100 ppb of benzene, making their products twenty times more than the maximum “safe level” for humans, even though no level is safe for consumption at all. Since the early 1990s, the dangers of sodium benzoate consumption have been well-known.

If you want to stay healthy, check labels of everything folks. Know the toxins. Avoid sodium benzoate, sucralose, canola, and aspartame. Don’t eat cancer.