Walking Barefoot Has Surprisingly Positive Health Benefits

The simple act of walking barefoot, which is also called as “earthing” or “grounding”, offers so many health benefits. By walking with your feet directly touching the soil, your body is able to absorb the negative electrons through the Earth which help create a balanced internal bioelectrical environment and stabilize daily cortisol rhythm.

Making an effort to spend more time barefoot in nature can provide more benefits than you would think.

Regulates The Nervous System, Decreasing Feelings Of Anxiety And Stress

Generally, by going outside, you let your body come in contact with soil which has the effect of regulating your emotions, decreasing anxiety, and balancing your nervous system. As we have a positive charge due to all the electromagnetic waves we come in contact with daily, and the Earth carries a negative charge with it, it is necessary for your emotional and physical health to spend time connecting with Earth.

Reduce Pain And Inflammation

A study was conducted wherein twelve people slept on a conductive mattress pad that mimicked the effects of sleeping directly on the Earth for eight weeks straight. All the participants complained of trouble sleeping, pain, and stress. After eight weeks, researchers found a considerable reduction in their cortisol levels, and all subjects reported that their sleep troubles, pain, and stress, had either been greatly reduced or disappeared entirely.

Strengthens The Immune System

In a study which was published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, it was revealed that walking barefoot decreases white blood cell count and increases red blood cell count which indicates a positive immune response.

Helps Normalize Biological Rhythms

Walking barefoot helps in re-establishing regular sleeping patterns and resets the biological clock within us all. As environmental pollution which includes chemicals, lights, and other factors greatly affects a person’s sleeping pattern, coming in contact with the Earth’s negatively charged electrons can greatly help in your body’s circadian rhythm as well as with other biological processes.

Boosts Energy Levels

You pick up on the higher frequencies emitted from nature every time you immerse yourself in the natural world and this causes your energy levels to increase. Make sure to spend as much time in nature as you can because exposure to modern society can definitely affect your vitality.

It Can Help Improve Your Sleep

Earthing influences physiologic processes and induces relaxation, according to a study in PubMed. Likewise, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine also reported that as compared to those who did not walk barefoot regularly, those who were exposed to grounding had better night’s sleep. It is believed that earthing stabilize circadian rhythms and that is why many people experience a better night’s sleep.

Lessen The Severity Of Menstrual Cramps

Since grounding reduces overall pain, it can also ease menstrual cramps. The pain we feel within the body usually begins in the mind and manifests as stress, which can greatly impact menstrual cramps. By going outdoors and just letting your feet touch the ground, your mind and soul can be healed. Earthing provides the same benefits as many pain pills sold specifically for women with cramps, plus, it’s totally free.

Helps Loosen Tense Muscles And Even Eliminate Headaches

Muscle soreness occurring after a physical exercise can be prevented through earthing, according to a study. This also applies to other situations that cause tense muscles like working at a desk all day. In some instances, migraines have been linked to prolonged exposure to radiation. Earthing can ease headaches as it literally grounds the body and reduces free radicals.

Reduces The Risk Of Heart Disease

Studies have found that earthing increases the surface charge of red blood cells thereby resulting in the reduction of clumping in the cells which decreases blood thickness.

Since high viscosity has been associated as a risk factor in heart disease, therefore earthing significantly reduces the risk of heart disease.