Recommended Juice Therapy For Ulcers

An ulcer is a condition wherein a person experiences a very painful, slowly healing, open wound in any mucosal or dermal surface.

This can be anywhere from the mouth to the duodenum to the lower bowel or anywhere on the outside of the body. They are especially common in the lower leg in bed-bound and elderly patients (pressure sore ulcers).

Peptic ulcer, which includes gastric (stomach) and duodenal ulcers are the most common gastrointestinal ulcers that occur in the stomach and duodenum.

Mouth ulcers are usually painful, round or oval, inflamed white or red sores and can appear on the tongue, inner cheek, lips, and gums.


Gastrointestinal ulcers are generally caused by acid erosion. Yet, some of the other known causes include drinking, smoking, and some medications.

A skin ulcer is a result of a lesion, caused by an injury or damage that fails to close over and allow normal surface skin or mucosa to form. It can be deep that there might be a possibility for a secondary infection to penetrate deeper tissues thereby making it a source of infection.

Mouth ulcers have been linked to fatigue, stress, allergies, smoking, and poor dental hygiene.


In treating ulcers, a high fiber diet and an increase in water intake are highly recommended.
Moreover, an alkaline body environment can also heal ulcers since the body has to deal with a less acidic body waste and enable it to attend to the normalizing of the tissues in the ulcers.

The person with this condition must have a diet which includes at least 80% of fresh, live, raw fruits and vegetables as well as a maximum of 20% or less of acid-forming foods (dairy products, meats, cereal grains, carbonated drinks, and processed foods).

“Beyond Detox” Juicy Suggestions

In this recipe, you need 3 apples, 1 large handful spinach, 1/4 beetroot, 1/4 cucumber, 2 sprigs parsley, and 1/2 avocado. Juice all the ingredients by adding into a blender along with the avocado flesh and blend until smooth.

Rhubarb, elderberry, alfalfa, and kohlrabi are good for skin ulcers.

A mixture of fresh cabbage juice and fresh raspberry juice is very effective at soothing and healing stomach ulcers. This blend, when taken twice a day for at least three months, can quickly facilitate the body’s natural healing and makes the patient return to his normal activities.

Fruits that are good for duodenal ulcer include orange, avocado, and banana.